1. C

    Does resetting windows 10 can affect framework?

    Does resetting computer can affect framework? Like if you have the latest framework, does it reset to old update? For example you have 4.8v of framework then if you resettled it would go back to 4v?
  2. C

    Can’t download Framework 4.0.30319 because of fwork 4.8

    This is pretty famous error. About framework 4.0+. I have a laptop with windows 10 and I am trying to open an application that needs framework 4.0 . But I already have 4.8 framework and I can’t even download framework 4.0 because 4.8 blocking this framework 4.0 . How to solve this problem? I’ve...
  3. CureMarine

    Cannot install NET Framework 4.7

    Not sure if this or the 'other software' thread is the right place to post this - But I'm really in need of some help here. I'm currently using Windows 8.1 and for some reason, I cannot seem to install Framework 4.7 at all. I am constantly getting the error "Installation failed: The Parameter is...
  4. K

    Sequence contains no elements, Microsoft Framework.

    So I've been trying to use a trainer this guy made but I get this error whenever I do so, It worked fine on my old computer don't know why it doesn't now, here is the error I get.
  5. T

    A boatload of issues...

    I have a Windows 10, MSI gaming laptop. This isn't my first laptop, and I've solved issues with computers before. I ran into a large problem today. I was playing a game, it froze, I reset my MSI laptop. Nothing out of the ordinary. I come back, and there's several problems. My laptop is stuck in...