1. K

    Solved Windows 10 malware? Stuck in safe mode

    So...where the problem started... My pc started freezing. So I restarted it (happened like 6x times?) . Then I was unable to login into windows. I entered a password and it just said: "Welcome" and thats all. Nothing else. It was just loading over and over again... Then it made into a safe...
  2. E


    Hello, I am a teenager with very little understanding of technological terms, and am having some problems with my LCD32-209 TV. Would it be possible for some solutions? ♥ Thanks for reading this. A few months ago, my TV was unresponsive to attempts to power on, and took multiple attempts to do...
  3. A

    setting up home vpn for connecting to my nextcloud

    couldnt find videos online that gives me that option i know all my truffic will go thrue my home i dont need high speed all i need is SAFE vpn that i can connect to from far away for free/ my setup : a laptop with ubuntu 15 that is runing my nectcloud server , and 3 pcs on my network 2...
  4. V

    How to convert a TIF file with text to Excel file on a MAC?

    I have a TIF file image with some text in a table that I need to make into an Excel (or Word) i.e. text must be able to be edited so it can't just be an image in Excel or Word. I am using a MAC. I don't want to type everything into Excel or Word. I need to have this done in the next couple days...
  5. SillyBilly1

    Free wifi while on the road

    Read this interesting ARTICLE on how to get free wifi connection all over the world. Did anyone use the apps mentioned like WiFi you, WiFI map?
  6. C

    Free program for making repeating patterns?

    I have some public domain images of ancient Egyptian patterns that I want to use on clothing so I am looking for a (preferably free or inexpensive) program I can use to take those images and calibrate them into seamless repeating patterns. I tried rotating and trimming them in Lightroom 4 and...
  7. J

    New Looking for a truly free virus and malwere remover

    every remover i have tried is not really free....tired of the scan scam some of these may remove 1 virus but not the rest looking for the best antivirus free as well i am not cheap i am damn poor and stuck with XP THANK YOU !! Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS...
  8. crcook84

    Net Neutrality

    Anyone here heard of the debate over net neutrality? Basically, net neutrality prevents ISPs from possibly gaining control of the internet to the point of who gets more bandwidth. I sent in a comment myself to the FCC. Mind you, I don’t wear a “tinfoil hat” myself. But, having worked for a big...
  9. crcook84

    File server alternative to Ubuntu

    Just a quick backtrack: If anyone has been following my posts, I rebuilt a file server out of an obsolete Isilon. I had a spare motherboard, so I stuck that in the chassis. The problem is that Windows Server doesn't like any of the drivers. However, Ubuntu auto-installs everything. The problem...
  10. Bryan84

    Solved Portable version of Google Drive?

    Is there a portable version of Google Drive App? I have no admin access to my desktop but I will like to sync my Google Drive files to my desktop. Any free alternative?
  11. M

    Monitors going black/display freezes sometimes (my PSU is 50

    Hello, 3 months ago I bought a second hand GPU from a company that works only with 3D modeling and stuff like that. They decided to sold the GPUs for really cheap so I tried my chance as I was very low at budget and I wanted to play games on normal. The problem is that the GPU needs a minimum...
  12. C

    free javascript obfuscator

    someone can help me with free js obfuscate ? i found some, but they dont really do the trick eval is just showing the content