1. H

    Is getting avast or sophos for my mobile a good idea?

    I have been using KIS on my smartphone for 3 years now, never flagged anything as I am pretty cautious, but it still feels good to know there is something behind me if anything wrong goes unnoticed. My friend uses the freeware version of avast security[which has most of the essential components...
  2. TheGreatKaito

    Companion anti-malware+firewall to complement paid AV

    I have been a fan of Kaspersky for like 5 years now, have their products installed on 4 different devices currently and they have never failed me to date. But, even traditional AV' s cannot detect everything with their behavior-based technology, I was looking for 2 freeware programs to...
  3. Nora.Br

    Solved What free/affordable video editing software are you using?

    Hey guys, I'm doing a research and was hoping you could help me with it. I'm trying to find out what the most popular free or affordable (under $50) video editing software is. Please write in comments what program you are using or used in the past and were happy with. Also, your OS and video...
  4. bobs-here

    The best free software for your PC?

    you may already be aware of some or all of the products but we also are quick to move on and forget older or less used software because we came by it easily. "from photo editing to office suites: The best free software for your PC" stuffThis is from BT Tech & Gadgets>Internet: From photo...