1. dedyzeros21

    CPU keeps on freezing after game play of 10 minutes

    HI i just finish building pc 2 days ago, and i tested some games such as Apex and Far cry. but after 15-20 minutes of gameplay, my CPU freeze and monitor shutdown which i have to restart the cpu or it stuck freeze. My spec are: - I5 9400f - Gtx 1650 super - Asrock b365m phantom gaming -m.2...
  2. Revox97

    PC freezing during booting process

    Hey guys, hopefully someone can help me to identify the root of the problem. My PC (build about two years ago by myself), had issues during startup. It freezed during booting process, sometimes i was able to get to the UEFI settings, but it will always froze after a fee seconds. So i decided to...