1. ShinraStrife

    Solved Frontier ISP - Url not found for all non HTTPS connections.

    Before I dive into my problem here's my hardware / software specs and a list of things I've tried: CPU: AMD Zambezi Quad Core 4.2 GHz MOBO: MSI 970 AMD Gaming Mobo RAM: 8GB G.Skill sniper series 1866 GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 480 8GB HDD1: WD Black 1TB HDD HDD2: Samsung EVO Pro 256GB SSD...
  2. E

    Connection but no internet

    For whatever reason my internet connection is no longer working. I recently used a program called AdwCleaner to remove all the pop-up ads I've been having, but it seems to have stopped my internet connection altogether. I'm not sure if that is necessarily the reason. Anyway, my local area...