frozen screen keyboard mouse

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    PC either refuses to start or starts and then freezes

    So about three weeks ago my PC (which is fairly old but still in working older and is also home made) began having issues on startup. It started normally, but after getting to the home screen (Windows 7 operating system) the screen went blank. I currently have it hooked up to my TV rather than a...
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    In Progress Virus hacked completely froze my laptop, please help

    Hi guys, I’m having a problem with my laptop right now and I’m wondering if anyone could help me. I’m not super knowledgeable about tech/computer stuff so I might not explain everything right but I’ll try my best and I’d appreciate some help. So almost a month ago I bought a new Lenovo Ideapad...
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    New PLease help, laptop totally frozen I think it may be a virus

    My Hp laptop has completely frozen the keyboard and mousepad.. I have tried switching it on and off, I’ve tried doing this so many times to run the battery out completely and drain the laptop until it wouldn’t go on at all and then plug in and re-start.. every time I restart, the laptop starts...