frozen screen

  1. StormDin0

    Potential GPU Issue? Lots of games crashing

    Hello, So I have been trying to work out now what's wrong with my PC. I recently built a new system and the only part I transferred over from my old system was my Zotac AMP Extreme 1080 (the reason being is how the graphics card market is right now I can't buy a new one). So currently I am...
  2. Wingfong

    Windows freezes when booting up

    Windows boots up and i see the motherboard logo and the dots that revolve around and it just freezes. I have already tried a fresh install of windows and it still would not work. Specs: 1070ti sc black, r7 3800xt, 16 gb ddr4 ram, 500 gb samsung ssd, 700 watt gold plus psu.
  3. G

    HP Spectre Laptop Screen Frozen

    I bought a laptop from a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago and initially it was working just fine. However, I tried to turn it on (from it being shutdown) and the loading circles stopped moving, which I assume meant that it was frozen. So I tried to power it off by holding down the power...
  4. K

    Replace Software or Hardware?:Citrix Remote Desktop issues

    Hello! Working from home, I've discovered that my Corei7, 10th generation Lennox PC is having some trouble with the Citrix remote desktop. I can get logged in, but it is super slow, and sometimes 'freezes' if I have more than one application open for too long (outlook, adobe, Webex, excel, etc)...
  5. S

    Grey screen with working mouse when starting computer

    I wish it could give you specific details from my computer. All I know is I have a hp laptop with Microsoft 8. The model # is 15-ba016nr I was playing a game on AARPsite and the computer froze.i tried CONTROL, ALT, DELETE and that didn't work. I turned the computer off and on and that didn't...
  6. P

    Screen Frozen and total blackout

    Hi, my first time here and posting. I have no DXDiag, but I can explain the problem and hopefully someone knows something I can do. I was playing League of Legends and the game froze, the game play screen covers the entire screen so no way of clicking out. There was no reaction to the end of...
  7. C

    Solved Frozen screens and BSODs for months

    Hi, I have an issue that started months ago and I am absolutely lost. It all started with some performance issues, followed days later by frozen screens just after startup, but it happened only around half of the times, so resetting was a solution. Then I started having frozen screens at random...