1. L

    Bottom half of laptop screen frozen

    I have a ASUS TUF GAMING F15 laptop, only a couple of months old. Since it arrived the os has seemed slow and the file explorer also crashes and is basically unusable since the first day. when using file explorer it started this issue where the lower half of my screen froze and now it is...
  2. ConsciousColony

    The Master Chief Collection Loading Issue (PC/Steam)

    Hello y'all! I just purchased the The Master Chief Collection pack on Steam, it boots up fine and normal all the way to the menu screen. However, once I downloaded Halo CE on the ingame menu (I downloaded just the campaign not the multiplayer) I went to launch it and the the game begins to...
  3. J

    New Asus laptop crashing

    Daughter bought a "cheaper" Asus laptop in January and it continues to crash when using google chrome or firefox. After 40 or so min of use (browsing, school work etc) the screen starts flickering then goes completely black... The computer is then unresponsive to any key strokes.... tried a...
  4. J

    Google Chrome transparent frozen

    Hello, my brother was using my phone and he had opened Google Chrome. When he returned my phone part of chrome froze on my screen. It froze like it is transparent. It is over my wallpaper and I cannot remove it. Even when i open apps. I tried rebooting my phone but it's still staying there. It...
  5. T

    Outlook Calendar in Office 2007 Hanging

    Hi My Calendar in Outlook (Office 2007, Windows 10) is hanging when I try to open it, only response is the egg timer and outlook hangs and then crashes. Would be grateful for any help.
  6. D

    Whole computer freezes when i have lag spikes on online game

    Hi there, i bought this pc only 2 years ago and for the past year and a half when my ping would spike on a game called League of Legends my whole computwer would freeze and i would have to hard restart by holding off the off button this used to happen once a day but has now escalated until where...
  7. C

    Laptop Frozen after closing and reopening

    When I close the cover of my laptop and reopen it, the screen is frozen and is all streaks of pixels. I can still use my mouse but it moves as a large pixelated square. I have tried adjusting my battery to never sleep and restarted my laptop to all default settings but haven't had any success...
  8. J

    Factory reset stuck at 18%

    So I tried resetting my other laptop because it has been having quite a few problems lately, I moved some important stuff over to an external drive, yadda, yadda, and started the reset process. My computer goes into the process, starts, and then freezes at 18% and has been stuck there for over 8...
  9. P

    Resolution problems on Win10 64 bit GTX 1050 ti

    Intel i5-3570k 3.40Ghz Windows 10 64 bit NVidia GTX 1050 ti Benq G2400 monitor 8GB RAM I have spent several hours trying different things, please help!!! A month ago I upgrade my graphics card to NVidia GTX 1050 ti. My system is running on Windows 10 64 bit system (checked). The graphics card...
  10. H

    Solved Windows 10 update stuck!

    Hi all, the issue I'm having is that my PC will boot up to the point of 'preparing to configure windows' and then it just freezes, the hdd light also stops at this point, I've tried the ctrl alt delete, hard reset and pressing f8, but none of these have worked, has anyone else has a similar issue?
  11. E

    PC gets stuck on windows 7 welcome blue screen

    Heyy there guys, Like the title says I turn on my PC and it freezes on the blue welcome screen of windows, even the small rotating thing freezes. Not sure why this is happening as the performance of the PC has not dropped and I haven't noticed anything unusual. One thing I will point out is...
  12. A

    Browser Frozen/Locked Out Every Time Computer Starts Up

    Every time I start my computer, my computer screen freezes as soon as I open up a web browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.). I can move my mouse around the screen, but I am unable to successfully click on anything or type anything. I always have to press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, cancel, then...
  13. S

    Partial Monitor Freezing

    For the past month or two, my DELL Latitude E6520 (laptop)'s lower right corner of the screen has been freezing for 5 - 10 seconds with 2 second intervals of not-being frozen. I don't have malware, my storage seems fine, and the laptop doesn't pump out heat like a fireplace. It started when I...
  14. D

    My phone is stuck at the apple logo

    Please help I've tried everything to get my phone out of the apple screen but nothing is working!!!!!!!! Help is needed ASAP
  15. C

    Watch back a live webcam

    Hi, I was recording a screen capture today of a live stream webcam on my laptop and the internet froze half way through the video. Is there any way I can retrieve this video? The website is not willing to pass me on the footage. Can anyone please help!?! Thanks
  16. C

    Laptop Frozen More Frequently

    Hey, My laptop seems to be freezing many times. It didn't use to before. It mainly happens when google Chrome goes slow. The Alt Ctrl Del as well as the Alt Shift Esc do not work. The mouse still work but I can't seem to use the Windows button or right click to go to task manager.
  17. M

    Loud static noise then total lockup-crash

    I'm getting these more an more frequently. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for it either. My computer can be totally idle and I come back to it and it's locked up or I can be simply reading something on the web and it might happen. Can anyone offer any support on this? Operating...
  18. R

    Constant crashes, unknown problem.

    I've had my computer, and Alienware Aurora R2 for about five years now, and I've updated it's ram from 4 to 16GB, and boosted the graphics card from what it was, to an AMD HD7700, and everything else is just about the standard fare for 5 years ago. For the last few years, I've been having...