ftp error

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    FTP problem - target machine actively refused connection

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help with the below ongoing problem I have been having. I have a windows program that uploads files to my FTP space hosted on 1and1 server. This has been working flawlessly for years. But all of a sudden the files stopped being uploaded and I get the following error...
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    FTP Connection

    I have read a paper and would like to download some files for a school project. The description given is: "some images can obtained by anonymous ftp from [email protected] under the directory /pub/shading" How do I go about downloading these files? I have a FTP program so need a hostname...
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    Solved Unable to connect to server with Dreamweaver 2004 via FTP

    Since running Hitman Pro I cannot connect to ther server with Dreamweaver 2004, which was working perfectly prior to this. My question: Can I repair the program without losing data? How should I do this? ... Thank you in advance!