1. Rico549

    Display Darkens After Entering Fullscreen Mode

    Problem: A few seconds after I select "Fullscreen" in any video player or game, my display darkens significantly as if I had adjusted the monitor brightness all the way down. After checking, the monitor brightness still reads what I had previously set it to when this occurs. The display...
  2. B

    Need help Setting up HTML files to start up full screen on 2 monitors

    this is what i have so far for the batch file , but it doesn't seperate the windows, or make them full screen. any help would be very appreciated. start file:///C:/users/intern/Desktop/30s.html --kiosk -fullscreen -new-window -window-position=1600,0" start...
  3. J

    Fullscreen issues

    When I try to play videos on fullscreen mode via youtube, netflix, hulu. It just won't let me I have tried everything. Plz help.
  4. T

    Multiple Monitors Occasionally Go Black For 5 Seconds

    Multiple Monitors Occasionally Go Black For 5 Seconds So I just got my 2nd monitor today. I was super excited, but it turned out that I can't use it for anything, because I want to use it when I am gaming, and as the title says, it blacks out when I do so. How it blacks out: I play a...
  5. N

    Screen goes black for 2+ seconds

    Computer Specs: OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Education, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3 Processor Count: 8 RAM: 16319 Mb - G.Skill Ares Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, 4GB Hard Drives: C(SSD): Total - 113970 MB, Free -...
  6. A

    Fullscreen locks at too high resolution

    Hey i got this problem for a while now. Not every but some games when i make them fullscreen lock at 2550x1600 resolution. My res at desktop is 1600x1024 so i dont really know how that happened. I just reinstalled windows and it's still the same. I had before and now for a while after reinstall...
  7. throdne

    4k Monitor fullscreen video playback in a pip window.

    Hello all, I’m blessed with having a 43” 4k monitor at work, and as well, at home. I have both a MacBook Pro Retina and windows desktop computer hooked up to them. I love working on the monitors but I have one problem with it, watching videos. E.g. YouTube, Lynda.com, Netflix, etc. Within the...
  8. J

    Video wont show up after trying to fullscreen

    When I was trying to watch a video full screen on any websites or any media players on my computer it would turn out to be black screen. Earlier today I was trying to change the refresh rate of my monitor to 120 hz while it was originally 140 hz, that's when the problem start kicking in. Now I...
  9. L

    When I game my screen goes black and says no signal

    Hello people! I've recently bought a new graphics card (Asus GTX 980) and updated to windows 10, since then, every time I try to start a game or run a benchmark my screen (a Tv connected with HDMI) goes black and says no signal. It forces me to keep pressing the off button on my pc to turn it...