game error

  1. ConsciousColony

    The Master Chief Collection Loading Issue (PC/Steam)

    Hello y'all! I just purchased the The Master Chief Collection pack on Steam, it boots up fine and normal all the way to the menu screen. However, once I downloaded Halo CE on the ingame menu (I downloaded just the campaign not the multiplayer) I went to launch it and the the game begins to...
  2. S

    Games crash shortly after launching

    I have a new gaming laptop which has been running smoothly for the last 2 weeks. All of a sudden I cannot play any games as shortly after running them they just mysteriously crash, this includes games downloaded on the PC, games on steam and games in UPlay. I have looked online for a fix but...
  3. N

    Solved Need Help.

    I need help with a game that I'm having trouble with, obviously. The game is Roblox. Now, Roblox has this launcher that you need to download in order to play a game on their platform, my problem is, when ever I try running this launcher, it says "The application was unable to start correctly...
  4. G

    Please Help- Specific Games break my computer!!!

    Hey, My name is oran and i have been having this specific problem for ages-- I have an amazingly strong computer, specificly built for me, with the best parts possible, Athough, some games like rust, stranded deep, and Bermuda- lost survival have been giving me the same problem... 1. i open...
  5. I

    Cant launch some games it says ... The application

    Hello guys im using windows 7 , ive installed far cry 3 and cabella big game hunter , i launched those game it say ( the applicatio. Was unable to start correctly 0xc000007b click ok to close the application ) I just google this to get a solution for this but nothing works. frame work - vc...