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    I Messed Up Big Time

    Okay so... I was playing a PC game called Pet Vet on my Windows 7 computer, and it was working fine until I screwed it up myself. I opened the application of the game with Notepad to see if I could change the value of money I had out of curiosity, but now it won't start and I've uninstalled and...
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    when I try to play a game it just says: you have opengl 2.0 not 3.3. (no exact words) HELP!
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    My Oblivion wont install

    I tried installing it and i had to cancel it, but it still installed the menu and said that I couldn't play it because the files weren't loaded fully and to uninstall it and install it again. So When I tried to install it again It wouldn't load so I waited and a error popped up. An error...