1. makesense

    Weird audio problem with xbox game pass PC games

    So for the past few months I have been playing a ton of games on the xbox game pass for PC with no problems. About week ago I started playing the game titled "control". However I noticed about two days ago that out of nowhere my audio was way quieter, and I now have to turn it to about 70-80% in...
  2. X

    FPS Issues

    So I recently been trying to play games on my laptop (through Steam). Every single game I play has terrible FPS, running at an average of 10 FPS. I always try to lower the settings the best I can but its so unbearable to play still due to the FPS. My system is an Intel Core i5-4310U @ 2.oo GHz...
  3. BrooklynnBritton2019

    Update windows XP to Windows 10

    ok. i have a problem. this computer was owned by my uncle for 5 years before he gave it to my grandfather who has had it for 2 years. i am trying to remove all admin controls because my uncle graduated college with a few IT degrees or whatnot. basically i cant download anything or play a game...
  4. C

    Games are not running like they used too.

    I built a pc sometime last year and everything was fine until about a couple months ago. One day it wouldn't turn on and I realized that it was probably because the CPU wasn't working, I opened it all up and cleaned everything and all the dust, and that made it turn on. But not even though it...