games freez and lag

  1. gaminghardy

    My laptop lags while gaming!

    I have Asus ROG Strix GL553 GL553VE-FY127T 15.6-inch Laptop (Core i7-7700HQ/16GB/256GB/Windows 10 Home/4GB Graphics) which is like 4 years old. Recently I am facing an issue, my laptop lags while gaming and couldn't run even the simplest one(like NFS MW from 2005). I have tried reinstalling my...
  2. B

    My games keep crashing even though I have very good specs

    Hello to anybody reading this. I bought my PC a while back in January, and I have had some problems since day one. I'm a big gamer and every time I attempt to play games they work for a awhile back then crash or freeze and require a restart. I play rust and it sometimes randomly crashes. I also...
  3. Destariansyah

    Dots on screen when playing games

    Please Help me, this dot always showed up every time i tried to play any games nowadays. What is it? And how can i fix it i use nvdia 1080 ti I7 16Gb of ram. Please help me
  4. D

    Help with artifacts

    I have a rtx2070 gigabyte windforce My computers games have been showing artifacts and running games makes my whole computer unstable i have tried so many things to fix it, please help.
  5. S

    Mouse Lag When Fortnite Opened

    Hello people, I need some help with my mouse lag as stated in the title. Normally my mouse is perfectly fine; it is a g203 with up to date driver. But when I run fortnite and it opens up, my mouse starts to have crazy delay and it moves super slow; kind of like lag. I have searched for...
  6. K

    Fairly new gaming pc running slow.

    I got my gaming pc last year and was running completely fine. Now however, I've been losing fps in games that usually weren't a problem for me like: csgo, fortnite etc. It's meant to be capable of running Overwatch, but when I did, all settings had to be put on low, and the minimum fps i got was...
  7. P

    Constant fps drop from 200 to 30 in every game

    i have i gtx 1070 and constant fps drops from every game while i play it
  8. Y

    performance problem please Help!!!!

    Hi i have a very big performance problem, recently i bought a new gaming laptop: Graphics: nvidia Gtx 1050 4gb vram/ intel hd graphics 640 ram: 8g ddr4 processor: i7 7700 HQ The problem is when i play a game the fps i always down and horrible i play minecraft at 120 fps and cs go also 120 fps...
  9. UTSDB3

    Games freeing and lagging

    I have an Hp laptop with windows 7 and I had recently factory reset it, the laptop runs really slow, my games are lagging, freezing, and my internet does the same. I know I have excellent internet signal, I run daily scans and cleans with advance system care. all my drivers are up to date thanks...