games lagging

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    I can't play games cause my computer starts to lag, which has never been a problem. Internet works fine. I've rebooted the entire computer. Installed newest windows update. Installed newest graphics card update. CPU seems to look fine. I don't know much about computers, can someone pls help me?
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    I cannot use my 16GB RAM in games only 4GB

    I have a big problem. It started months ago and it's still going. When I am playing a game, my pc only uses 3-4 GB ram out of my 16 and cannot use more. The task manager graph of the memory usage shows a straight line which cannot go above the given number. This number is different in other...
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    Constant fps drop from 200 to 30 in every game

    i have i gtx 1070 and constant fps drops from every game while i play it
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    Laptop slowed down over time and not sure how to fix it.

    About 2 years ago I bought this laptop: and although it ran games (like overwatch) on very low graphics it was still smooth. However, now when I play it on the exact...
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    Newbie needs help

    (Im not a native english speaker so dont look at my grammar too much thx xD) Hello, After researching for many hours on the web i came to the conclusion: I have no idea what the problem is and no one can help me. Im not a computer expert, but ill try to post my specs here: graphics card ...