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  1. killcount001

    Fast internet but cant game

    i going to provide as munch info as possible because i am struggling. i just purchased a new gaming laptop installed a few games such as apex,fortnite, csgo and valorant and they will run but all kick me out because of a internet problem. i am using wifi not ethernet and i am getting download...
  2. B

    Help with overclocking laptop

    I want to overclock or increase my performance on my laptop it's a hp pavilion 15 gaming laptop With Intel i7 8th Gen processor and gtx 1050ti graphics card.. Plz help I'm running it at stock 2.21 ghz I need to increase that
  3. N

    Help me pick a laptop for playing League of Legends

    Hi, everyone. So after a long time consideration i have decided to unplug my ps4 and buy myself a laptop for gaming purposes, solely for playing LoL (League of Legends). But I have no clue when it comes to computer hardware. However I have read that the recommended system requirements for...
  4. R

    Laptops for playing League of Legends

    What are some cheap laptops for playing League of Legends?
  5. A

    Major Laptop Hardware Issues

    Hi, my current laptop is a Lenovo legion Y520. Recently, whenever browsing the web, or searching through files, small graphic glitches appear on my screen (Example: Search bar getting distorted). Not only that, but google chrome freezes every minute, requiring me to close it in task manager, and...
  6. zzz.shawn

    What is happening to my PC?

    Backstory: My gaming laptop runs normally on first startup/when I restart, as it should. However, if I let it sleep and use it after waking it up, something like this happens when I run programs. You know how your laptop runs faster while plugged in? Well, the strange thing is, my PC will run...
  7. Y

    Underperforming laptop

    Thanks in advance to everyone who reads this and tries to help me! I bought a laptop around the end of August, and I've had no problems with it since a pair of weeks. When I use it for stuff like working or just casual net browsing it works just fine, but when I open a game I get the feel that...
  8. sweatynuttskinkybutts

    Best Gaming Laptop Under $1500

    it's so difficult to sort out gaming laptops under this range.
  9. S

    Solved Gaming Laptop Advice

    Hello! I'm looking for a new gaming laptop and after a lot of searching I've found two I'm quite interested in, and I think a more qualified person could help me identify the exact pros and cons of each one. I apologise if this isn't the right section to post on, nothing else seemed to fit my...
  10. M

    Suggest a big screen gaming laptop

    I want to buy a laptop for gaming with big screen. My budget is round $700. I read many reviews like best 17" laptop , and but I am still confused to choose a best laptop around $700. Can you suggest any name or model?
  11. M

    Will I be able to run this?

    Hi, I'm not very good with computer specs so when games list system requirements I get a little lost. I usually just go to an online site that tells me if I can run the game or not. That got a bit confusing though cause this time it said I couldn't run the game (Prey 2017) but my laptop handled...
  12. Y

    performance problem please Help!!!!

    Hi i have a very big performance problem, recently i bought a new gaming laptop: Graphics: nvidia Gtx 1050 4gb vram/ intel hd graphics 640 ram: 8g ddr4 processor: i7 7700 HQ The problem is when i play a game the fps i always down and horrible i play minecraft at 120 fps and cs go also 120 fps...
  13. S

    ASUS ROG Laptop Model: G751JM battery stopped working

    My ASUS gaming laptop's battery has all of the sudden stopped wanting to charge. I have to keep it on charge constantly from it shutting off and restarting over again. I've had this laptop for about 3-4 years now and had no problems with it. I use this laptop to 3D model, make video games and it...
  14. V

    MSI Laptop purchase advice

    Hey guys , was purchasing a gaming laptop ... wanted advice Heard a lot bout MSI so I decided to opt for it... I am into video editing (adobe after effects cs6,etc ) so my main requirements are quick rendering capability and excellent graphics. Overall I need a pretty powerful machine , I value...
  15. V

    Connecting a Gaming Laptop to a Monitor

    I have a gaming laptop (ASUS ROG GL552) that has so far played games like sleeping dogs, arkham origins, and skyrim pretty nicely on medium to low settings (which is perfectly cool with me). I would guess that my laptop never goes above 60 degrees Celcius (140 Farenheit) while playing these...
  16. J

    Laptop wont charge while playingredients WoW

    I'm having a problem. Whenever I'm playing WoW, my laptop won't stay charging. it will charge for a second then stop for a second. it keeps repeating this while the game is running. As soon as I stop running the game, it charges just fine. Any suggestions on what I should do? Thanks in advance.
  17. C

    does a dvd rom asus quietrack can be used for gaming?

    My desktop pc is an old one and the original dvd player mulrti recorder broke above the broken dvd player on the desktop i installed the asus quietrack but i don't know if i can use it for gaming...i mean will this dvd rom recognise the games?
  18. K


    Dell Latitude E6420 14 LED Notebook Intel Core i5 i5-2520M 2.50 GHz 4GB DDR3 320GB HDD DVD-Writer Intel HD 3000 Graphics Bluetooth good for gaming???
  19. carmensandy

    Online gaming lag , Instable w7 , diagnostic report included

    Hello , i play online games like counter strike , dirty bomb ... it doesn't feel smooth , laggy , and from minute to other freezes for 1-2 seconds my line quality is good , hardware also , updated all drivers . i tried leatrix latency fix , combofix , disabling antivirus , defraggler , os ...
  20. A

    Games running slower on relatively new gaming notebook

    Hello, Early December 2015, I bought an MSI GE62 Apache for $900 on Amazon, from the official seller. This was a very high-end laptop on my part, as my previous laptop costed just $200 and couldn't do much. Anyway, this laptop had a lot of things my previous laptop didn't, performance-wise...