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  1. C

    Bottlenecking in Forza 4

    Hi I just recently have upgraded my cpu and gpu im still currently on ddr3 but I have a 1060 gaming x gpu and an fx8350 cpu. My cpu stays at a good temp. but for some odd reason my cpu skyrockets to 100 percent when im playing games such as forza 4 or cod warzone. I have 8gb ddr3 ram (Ripjaws)...
  2. MusicManiac

    Is it ok to use a Seagate Skyhawk HDD on a Gaming PC?

    Hi, I just bought a Skyhawk 4TB Hard Disk but after looking it up online, I am perplexed weather to use it or return it. I need it since I don't have any other options available. My PC is running on 240GB SSD, and I am planning use it as a gaming and software drive. I do Illustrations on...
  3. C

    Flickering Screen

    I just got my new pc today and as soon as I managed to get a connection from the hdmi the screen was flickering, I have tried resetting the pc, new monitor, different cable and even using a different source but anytime I try a different source it says no signal :( it is a MSI Infinite Intel...
  4. H

    which pc to choose

    Hello everyone! I want to buy a gaming pc for my 9 y old son, and I am inbetween two options, so I was thinking of asking for advice which computer you would recommend. The sites are in Finnish but you can see the basic details...
  5. D

    Solved I made my own pc and it wont switch on. pls help :)

    Hi i copied this video: i used differint motherboard ,ram , case ,and ssd PSU: EVGA 600 BR powersupply, 80+ Bronze, RAm: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3000MHz C15 XMP 2.0 cpu: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G 4,2GHz AM4 6MB Cache Wraith Spire and motherboard: MSI B450 Gaming PlusMax (Sockel...
  6. S

    PC booting but not displaying

    My PC seems to booting up and the fans and rgb are working but it's not displaying on the monitor when I plug it in. Does anyone know why or a possible fix?
  7. P

    Mobo says that I need a type of ram but msinfo shows another

    Sooo I have been trying to upgrade ram for some time, and so I have a prebuilt pc (I didn't wanna wait to make one so bought pre-built), and when i check out on the internet what ram my pc needs it says it needs x type of ram but when I search on the computer which type of ram by pc has it shows...
  8. T

    PC crashed & now I'm having a boot issue

    Hello, I've had an issue for awhile where my games would minimize or crash by themselves; Recently I went to play a game then noticed green & purple dots appear on the screen followed by the game freezing. I reboot the computer & was supprised to find no OS found so I figure that the M.2 drive...
  9. D

    Need Help with What Gaming PC to Buy

    I want to buy a Gaming Pc with a budget of less than 600 pounds for competitive Fortnite, so even at most I can average higher that 80 fps Please could you help with all gaming pc parts or even if you could link a completed compter model so I can buy it straight away. will appreciate so much...
  10. Mrs.Puff

    Gaming Pc Problem

    I recently bought a prebuilt, pre-used pc, and I am having issues with it. Here are the specs: Gtx 970 Fx 8320 clocked to 4 ghz 8 gb of ddr3 ram Msi motherboard not sure of model It has a 600w psu The case is a diypc tg 8 500gb hard drive Windows 10 ———— Monitor: hp 22 cwa The issue...
  11. X

    Help with first pc build

    Hello, Im building my first pc which will be used mainly for gaming and i would like some thoughts and recommendations for my build: - Thermaltake Core x71 tempered glass...
  12. T

    Brand New PC won't connect to monitor

    My first ever gaming pc finally came in the mail today after waiting approx 2 weeks after ordering and I was excited to hop on and get set up. When I connected the PC to my monitor, it had no signal. I tried using VGA and HDMI. I've tried taking the GPU out the PC and putting it back in. I've...
  13. T

    I need help with my gaming PC

    I dont know much about gaming PCs and thats why im here. I need a guide on what to buy for my new PC. I dont really know how to see what my computer already has on it and what I need to upgrade so I need a very detailed guide.
  14. N

    Solved How to get a x64 based PC

    I recently got a computer from a friend of mine and it is a X86 based pc. And I need it to be a X64 based pc in order to be able to work windows 64 bit. How do I change that? What do I need to get/install? Help? EDIT: Summary Operating System Windows 10 Home 32-bit...
  15. K

    Solved New PC Build - First Time Builder - Guidance Needed

    Hi so i am new to forums and do not really know if i am posting on the right section, i built my first pc everything booted fine and is installed, i was having a problem were any time i start the computer up it would first go to bios screen before windows load screen, but then figured out that...
  16. J

    Computer booting up for few seconds then turns off

    Hi Thank you in advance to anyone that can help, So seemingly overnight my gaming computer of a year has stopped working, I try turning it on and it starts booting up for about 7 seconds before it shuts down again then it boots up on its own for about 2 seconds and shuts down, repeating this...
  17. M

    Newbie needs help

    (Im not a native english speaker so dont look at my grammar too much thx xD) Hello, After researching for many hours on the web i came to the conclusion: I have no idea what the problem is and no one can help me. Im not a computer expert, but ill try to post my specs here: graphics card ...
  18. M

    Solved PC i built turns on, but there is no display on screen

    i have built a pc for gaming. all parts are compatible, when i turn it on there is no display on screen. i have already tried removing and re installing the cmos battery and moving the jumper to the next 2 pins and back to it's original position but there is still no display. im using vga which...
  19. A

    Is this PC a good deal for $450?

    So someones selling me a wireless mouse, keyboard, and pc called "Alienware x51." He said he baught it for $1000 and it can run games on high settings with 60 fps. Is he lying? Is this a good deal? (Only parts listed are): Intel i3 3.3GHz 16gb Ram 1TB Hard Drive GTX 750 Ti 2GB "Perfect...
  20. H

    is this pc worth 1660$? or 1560 euros

    Hello i configured this pc by myself ...does it worth 1660$? or 1560 Euros? Please tell me if anything wrong with it and will it run all the games of 2017?