gaming pc

  1. M

    weird mouse issue please help

    i was having a xbox controller issue so i did some research and found this video and i followed what he did in the video. except after i did the drive cleanup my issue started. whenever i open up something with a video whether its a game...
  2. C

    Moved PC cases, and now PC not booting!

    Hi, I recently switched my PC cases from a old bad Work PC case to a new NZXT s340! When i switched everything over and tried to turn it on the only thing that turns on is the motherboard lights? I know the problem is not the power supply as i just bought a new for the move. I would really...
  3. mtheis98

    Budget gaming PCs

    Hi, I'm Mason and I am building a PC for about $800 with a monitor and I want to know if there are any components that you would recommend. here is my build on PC
  4. S

    PC Build

    I'm aware I already posted a thread about a PC build under 1000$, but I've done a lot of thinking. Would it be worth to buy better stuff but over a course of 2-3 years (max)? If so, I wouldn't limit the money as I would buy parts one by one (or even 2-3 depending on their cost), each in 5-6...
  5. W

    LAN Issues on Newly Built Computer

    I recently built a new gaming computer and the Internet on it took my regular speed and basically butchered it. I then figured out that what I was missing was the newest LAN driver. After I installed that driver, everything was great for weeks. Then one day, I try to get on it to do my regular...
  6. Lusignan

    Games aren't running like they should!

    I built my PC roughly three years ago, the build is as follows: Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7870 1GB OC Edition RAM: 8GB Now the majority of games that come out recently I check online whether or not my PC Specs will be enough to run them, the...
  7. A

    Wanting to upgrade my PC

    Looking to upgrade my PC to get the most out of online gaming, better graphics/FPS (on Arma 3 mostly). Here are my current specs. Processor: AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processor Video Card: AMD Radeon R5 200 Series RAM: 8.0 GB OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (build 10586), 64-bit Running 30 FPS...
  8. upforce

    Windows 10 Installation Trouble ('A media driver...')

    I built my gaming computer around a month ago, but cannot not get it to work, due to a problem during installation. I have been trying to download Windows 10. The error message reads: "A media driver your computer needs is missing. This could be a DVD,USB or hard disk driver. If you have CD...
  9. M

    Is this a complete high-end gaming pc?

    Im kinda new to this, thats why Im here today. So do I have everything I need? And did I even choose right? (The price is in Swedish crowns)