1. palo139

    Random BSOD

    Hey, I'n new here and I have a big problem with my pc, after playing games or casually browsing Internet I get BSOD with stop codes like irql not less or equal (dxgkrnl.sys), systém thread exception not handled (atikmdag.sys) Page fault in no paged area (ntoskrnl.exe) Can it be caused that I...
  2. J

    Pc randonly shutdown while gaming

    I was in the middle of a game when the pc showed the shutting down screen randomly. i Just started using dual monitors with my gpu and motherboard hdmi output. The motherboard uses the intel integrated graphics. In the event viewer this error was logged a literal second before the computer shut...
  3. L

    Mouse Buttons Not Working in Games

    Hello! So I play a lot of Smite and Valorant for PC. I'm having this issue where while in game only, my mouse buttons will stop working randomly for like 3-4 seconds, and then work again. It mostly seems to happen while I'm in the middle of the game (not really at the start of a match) and it...
  4. jgd123

    Custom Built PC Freezing While Gaming

    Hey folks! I recently took a 3-year old workstation PC owned by my father and re-cased into an NZXT h510. After gaming for 30 mins to an hour, the screen will go a single color (changes every time...I've seen white, black, blue, yellow) and make a loud buzzing sound and completely freeze forcing...
  5. M

    Black screen while playing games

    I recently bought a new gaming/work PC. I can turn it on and log in to windows and it works fine. When I try to play games, however, the screen goes black and says no signal, even though the tower is still on. I stress tested the GPU and it worked fine, but when I stress tested the CPU it went...
  6. T

    Xbox 360 network settings zeroed

    The only internet I currently have is through my mobile phone. I use its hotspot to connect my Xbox 360 to the internet for updates and DLC's. Out of the blue, it stopped working. I then discovered all the network settings on my Xbox (IP address, DNS servers) had been set to zero. I know the...
  7. I

    Interesting OS freeze/lagging issue please help

    So I built a new PC the other day. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus mobo i7 8700k GTX 1070 ti (upgrading to an RTX 2070 super later today) 16GB Ram Corsair H100i platinum rgb AIO 250gb Samsung 970 evo plus M.2 for boot Samsung 860 evo 1TB SSD WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB SSD My PSU isn’t the best...
  8. J

    PC Restarting While Gaming

    I am having issues with my PC restarting while gaming seemingly randomly and not necessarily under load. I searched the web pretty extensively on this subject and it seems like it might be the PSU but I want to be sure. I recently upgraded just about every part of my PC to top of the line...
  9. M

    FPS drop

    one day when i started playing Call of Duty: Warzone i noticed i was lagging but i saw that it was actually my frames dropping. i turned on all indicators and noticed that when my FPS dropped my CPU time increased. The good CPU time i can play on is 6ms but it would jump to 20-30ms. I dont know...
  10. O


    Ok so im running an i5-9400f cpu @2.9ghz with 8 Gbs of ram with a geforce 1660 and everytime i boot up any game it takes 100% cpu power but my graphics card stays no more then 15% please help ive tried almost everything
  11. arhan19926

    acer nitro 5 overheating due to lint and dust

    can you guys suggest me something which i can do so that the dust is not sucked in through the air vents and later get stuck in the exhausts causing the hot air to not efficiently exit the laptop through the exhausts?
  12. L

    Should I buy a better CPU or Graphics card?

    I have a poor performing CPU for gaming. Its a Amd a4 with intergrated graphics. Im wondering if I should buy a graphics card (Gtx 1030 GDDR5 low profile) or upgrade my CPU? If the Cpu, what are some good options under 100$?
  13. J

    Quick freeze or FPS drop during gaming

    I've browsed a bit to try and see if this was already an answered issue. I've found similar topics but nothing quite exactly the same, and the fixes employed have not worked (or are non applicable) to my situation. I'd like to start with saying that my knowledge is best described as...
  14. M

    Solved Game doesn't rec. my dedicated graphics card

    HELP! Everytime I start Path of Exile thae device runs it with the low qual Intel GC and not with my GTX 1060 Nvidia. I've tried everything. Updating drivers, starting the game via Nvidia Experience (wich should have helped) even the grinding gear games (Publisher) tech support didn't help. I'm...
  15. P

    Video lagging/stuttering

    Hello all. Minimal tech knowledge here so go easy on me please. I have a lets say home built gaming pc that I bought from some guy... It's actually working fine except recently video playback while streaming and gaming is lagging while the audio continues to play. The lag is anywhere from 1...
  16. dilligaf76

    Screen Goes Blank Every So Often

    Can anyone tell me why my screen on my laptop (Acer Aspire E15 Windows 10) goes blank every so often when surfing the web. The screen will go completely white and then come back again on its own which is fine if I am just for example browsing for things to buy or to look at forums ect.., but...
  17. AntonioGarboza

    Gaming Rig?

    Hey Folks, i bought a Sun Fire x2270 M2, and my question is: If i install my GT645 on this Pizza Box, would it work as a Gaming Rig with a home OS or will there be Problems? Thx!
  18. D

    Huge Latency Problems

    So over the past couple months I've been suffering from some ridiculous latency spikes, it has made any online game unplayable. I originally thought the problem was my modem, however have just recently replaced the modem and the problem persists. I am using the Shaw Internet 100 package which I...
  19. W

    Help me decide which build to buy, please!

    Hello folks! So I basically am struggeling between to builds. One is brand new, self made trough CP part picker, which some dude adviced for me. And the other one is second hand. Here you have both links, one for PC-partpicker and the other website (its dutch, but the components are written...
  20. L

    Want to connect 120+hz monitor to my Dell gaming laptop

    Hello, I would like to connect a monitor to my gaming laptop: I am running windows 10. The laptop has a HDMI 2.0 port and thunderbolt 3. I would like to know to connect the monitor and achieve 120+hz. Any help is greatly appreciated.