1. A

    Sometimes I cannot ping default gateway

    In our office we have old windows 7 laptop and old windows 7 desktop. Sometimes we can't connect to the internet. Windows 7 troubeshooting reports that it cant reach the gateway. Sometimes helps reseting network card, sometimes not. I tried to ping it manually from cmd and it sometimes solve the...
  2. A

    PC will not shut down or wake from sleep

    I have a gateway dx4860 i5 PC. I just installed a new ssd, and did a fresh install of windows 10. It worked, but now my computer will not shutdown properly. Upon clicking start -> shutdown, the monitor turns off but the led and fans continue to run (after 30 minutes I force shut off by holding...
  3. J

    No internet Access

    Internet is working. Pc cant connect via ethernet. When I troubleshoot network status it gives me: 1.The default gateway is not available. 2.Security or firewall settings might be blocking the connection. I have tried restarting the router and pc, neither has worked.
  4. D

    Solved Gateway AJ2 RAM

    I am seeking to do a RAM upgrade on my Gateway AJ2. What is the maximum amount of RAM that it supports (it has two slots) and what kind of RAM does it take (DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, etc.)? It runs Windows 10 Home SIngle Language x64.
  5. AliceMare

    Gateway Desktop Power Button Flashes with No Display

    Hello, I've been having trouble with an old Gateway desktop for some time now. About a month ago, I had installed a graphics card to the computer and the computer had recognized it, but never used it(it always said second priority). Whenever I disabled the onboard graphics, the screen would go...
  6. J

    Solved Power failure and computer

    I was in the middle of a system restore and had a power failure for about 3 minutes. Now computer is stuck in loop and says windows was not properly installed Help!!! This is college and job computer It is an older Gateway one zx6980 Thank
  7. L

    PC error: ReBoot and Select proper Boot Device

    Yesterday my PC shut down. When I went to turn it back on I got an error message: Reboot and Select Proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot Device and press a key. This has happened once before when the PC tried to boot from my external hard drive. What I did at that time was...
  8. O

    PC won't boot past Gateway logo

    Hello. I have a Gateway gateway dx4870-ub318. I turned it on and it went to the login screen but my keyboard wasn't acting right (some keys wouldn't show characters I typed and it acted as if I hit "enter" while I was typing my password.) I thought it was odd. Held the power button until it shut...
  9. L

    Solved Gateway M305CRV laptop: Operating system not found

    OS: WinXP CPU: Celeron 1.24GB ram I have my laptop running 24/7 to operate a program, and just now I glanced at it and it said the stuff about "operating system not found". I tried powering it off and all of the lights across the top started blinking. It was also pretty hot. I unplugged it and...
  10. S

    Gateway computer bios menu

    Pewter was left in the room with my children and when I returned and turned on my computer it informed me that I needed to select the reboot device " reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected device and press a key " so I opened the bios menu and I'm not sure what to...
  11. J

    DRMK V.800 after Acronis Restore to new PC

    Hello everyone! I backed-up a HHD from a PC that was affected by recent storming. Performed a HDSentinel test on the HHD. HHD was checked as healthy. Decided to upgrade the HHD from a WD green 1TB to a Samsung 1TB to get the 7200RPM. Acronis informed me the back-up and restore was successful...
  12. E

    Solved Gateway Laptop Charger

    Help! My (garbage) Gateway laptop charger is barely working. The tip, the part that you plug into the computer, is sliding in and out way too easily and has to be held in a specific position or it will not charge. I don't know what to do. I suspect it's the port within the computer that isn't...
  13. C

    Upgrade 98 to 2000

    I have a old gateway 800 performance and I wanted to use it to play old games. Windows 2000 wasnt installing so I took the hard drive out and installed it on my optiplex. Then took it back out and put it back in. Every time I start the computer it gets stuck loading windows. I've tried going...
  14. M

    Operating System not found, Gateway 2000 Solo 2100, Win 95

    Hello. I am trying to fix my mother's old Gateway 2000 Solo 2100 laptop. It used to work perfectly fine, except for a bad battery, but one day when I turned it on I got an "operating system not found" message. I believe it was running Windows 95 before this began happening. I can't say for...
  15. C

    Solved I need Vista installation disk and I don't have one!

    My computer won't start and tells me I need my Vista installation disk to start and I don't have one (and even if I did I wouldn't be able to use it because the DVD drive is dead). The desktop is a Gateway GT5676 that is about 8 years old. A couple of weeks ago I installed AVG free antivirus...
  16. S

    Windows 8 Freezing at Gateway Logo

    Hello, I have windoes 8 on my Gateway pc. I tried installing windows 10 now when I restart my pc it won't go past the Gateway logo. I can get into the bios menu. I have no idea what to do please help. Some times I get an error message also posted Thanks, SKYLER
  17. C

    Windows Error Recovery keeps on coming on and off on laptop

    Windows Error Recovery keeps on coming on and off on this gateway laptop computer that I am trying to fix for a friend. By clicking on "Launch Startup Repair (recommended)", the screen goes black for a few moments and then returns to the "Windows Error Recovery" screen. This continues to happen...
  18. TheSwaggiestLoser

    Catz3 on Windows Vista(Gateway): DVD/CD driver won't work

    My crappy Windows Vista isn't the best, but when I put in Catz 3 to play 2 days ago, it wouldn't work because the device/driver malfunctioned or something. Also, catz 3 is incompatible with my Windows 10 laptop. I try to launch the setup in the appropriate compatibility mode, but it still won't...
  19. E

    Solved Need Serious Help with Laptop Problems

    So recently my 3 year old gateway laptop has stopped working. To describe the problem, it just shut off abruptly during use one day. Every time I try to turn it back on, nothing happens. The only way it will do anything is by plugging it in to an outlet with the AC adapter (in which case it...
  20. thand41514

    where can i buy a replacement screen for gateway zx4665g

    where can i buy a replacement screen for gateway zx4665g HELP i cant find anywhere ill order offline please help