geforce 1060

  1. A

    Solved Red Boxes Appearing on my Desktop

    Hi, I am getting a problem where occasionally red boxes start appearing all over my desktop. When it happens - was every few days but is now happening multiple times a day - anywhere I drag (select) on my desktop makes a solid red rectangle. Also, any shortcuts I hover over get a red border...
  2. MiniLink

    Solved GPU problems while Playing

    Good Day. I'm looking for help with a problem regarding my GPU. While playing High demanding games like ( Mass Effect, Pray 2017, Call of the Wild ) my GPU drops from 99% usage to 0% usage and the game Freezes also the audio starts looping or stuttering. other than that the games i play run...
  3. A

    New laptop with GeForce 1060 - Adobe CC apps crashing

    Hi. Hi. I just recently received my new Sager NP8152-S laptop. It was custom built with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 display card. The laptop arrived with Windows 10 Home installed, with drivers installed, no bloatware. I have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and yesterday I installed Adobe...