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    Solved I can't get Irfanview to read pdf files

    I have installed Ghost and gone to the Irfanview website to get the latest version of Irfanview. I continue to get the same error message no matter what I do. It says: Can't load Ghostscript. If Ghostscript is not installed, please install the 64-bit version. I have. I have go to Irfanview...
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    New GhostScript Appeared & I Don't Know Where It Came From!

    First, I don't know if this qualifies as malware but I'm having a maddening time trying to get rid of it! A few days ago I noticed something was making a text document, a duplicate of my PDF files, and I knew it wasn't anything I'd done consciously. I've done all types searches using GPLGS, GPL...