1. Cardboardhat

    Video glitching on iPhone XR

    Okay, so this is a weird one. I filmed a video of a flare on Canada day and my video completely glitched out. I can still see the video, but there are glitches through it. Then I started noticing that every video I take or download now has glitches. The back camera works fine, I can still take...
  2. Cardboardhat

    Video is glitching on iPhone XR

    Okay, so this is a weird one. I filmed a video of a flare on Canada day and my video completely glitched out. I can still see the video, but there are glitches through it. Then I started noticing that every video I take or download now has glitches. The back camera works fine, I can still...
  3. Eviegelical

    My laptop wont sign in

    Hi, im not amazing at computers, im still learning so I hope this is the right thread. Anyways, I updated AMD Radeon and my mouse was lagging so I fixed that and now my laptop wont sign in, like I can try and sign in with my password and it tells me its wrong, I tried everything on google and...
  4. Marcus.thorne475

    Glitchy cursor

    I recently did the latest update for windows 10 but now whenever i boot up my computer for the first time in the day the cursor goes all glitchy and i have to restart it, when i restart it gives me an error messege saying there was an issue when trying to restart your computer then gives a blue...
  5. C

    Mouse sensitivity changes randomly

    I am on Windows 10 1909. My mouse sensitivity and pointer speed just changes by itself without me changing it. I have enhance pointer precision off and also on my mouse software there is no mouse acceleration. This bug is really annoying when playing Fortnite as it just changes the speed to...
  6. O

    Apps and games not functioning as intended

    Hello! So a few days ago my pc started glitching and games and apps wont work. Everytime i would launch a game or app the game would jsut stop working or a white screen apears. So i reset my pc but the same problem apeared. I have a predator 17 with: 980m 16gb ram i7 6700hq 64 bit
  7. I

    New What is happening to my computer? Its spazzing out..

    Help my computer is spazzing out i have a video:
  8. T

    Odd PC/Monitor glitch or bug

    I'm unsure if this would be the correct category as I'm not sure which part of my system is actually failing. Windows 10 Nvidia EVGA GTX970 Intel I7-4770K I recently upgraded from my old monitor (a Samsung 27inch curved full HD monitor) to a Samsung flat 4K monitor. Plugged it all in...
  9. JackieTyler

    In Progress All text is glitching out

    (Sorry for my horrible english) I opened my notebook this morning and found out that all text is glitching out like this, I can barely read through it ↓ I am getting desperate, I searched my laptop for viruses but its all clean. Thank you for help in advance.
  10. D

    Flickering/glitching laptop screen

    My three year old hp laptop screen has been flickering for a few months now. I've tried updating the display driver, but that isn't the issue. I also tried rebooting in safe mode and there were no glitches. I cannot figure this problem out but I think it is a software issue because when I...
  11. D

    On and Off Glitching Computer Screen

    Ok, so my hp laptop that I've had for two years has started glitching. But for some reason, this will happen, then stop, then happen, and on and on. It drives me crazy! I've tried a few things on my own like updating drivers, checking for incompatible apps, and seeing if it only glitches when...
  12. F

    Glitched Mark in Screen

    Currently sitting in my room stressed so in the bottom right of my screen on my Asus notebook PC is a black sort of glitched mark like it was leant on is there anyway to fix this issue or am I dead
  13. J

    Display Glitching

    Over the past few days I've noticed a problem occurring on my monitor. Whether it be ingame or on the internet, random parts of text will flash or dissapear. Icons on my taskbar will dissapear when I hover over them and when I'm in a game the textures will bend and distort. My screen will also...
  14. M

    Possible Virus?

    Hello! My wife was home one night, and out of the blue our Asus laptop started acting creepy. In large white lettering, not in a program or box, the computer started typing almost random phrases. "I see you" wake up little sparrow" "imagine molton steel traveling at 1500 mph". To say the least...
  15. T

    Solved Lcd Turning off randomly

    Hello, I have a little brother and he is trying to play some games on his Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70F however, sometimes his screen randomly shuts off, and when he turns it back on, he goes to some kind of battery manager, then he has to press back and unlock his tablet again. It's very annoying...
  16. V

    Graphics Error, Help!

    no idea whats going on, but keep getting these(attached) type of glitches anyone have a clue how to get rid of it? doesn't affect chrome, and mainly affects text edit and imovie. I'm on OS X version 10.9.5, macintosh HD with 16 GB of memory. please help, it makes editing footage a pain (i've...
  17. Spyran

    Solved Weird graphical glitches and crashs

    So I've recently run into a problem when playing games. Whenever i try to play games, I am met with odd graphical/texture bugs (often white specs appearing on screen) and crashes. When this first happened, I cleaned out my desktop to make sure it wasn't a dust problem. During this cleaning, a...
  18. M

    Static when headphones are plugged in

    Hey guys! I just got a new computer and it's been working amazingly well. I just plugged my headphones in a few minutes ago and started hearing static (note: this hasn't happened since i got it). I only hear it when i hit a key on my keyboard, click through websites, or have a program running. I...
  19. V

    ASUS laptop incredibly glitchy/buggy

    I had recently bought an ASUS ROG laptop, it is very good for gaming, but has a TON of glitches and bugs riddled through the system. I have been looking for a fix for these glitches forever, but have not come across a fix. Here are some details. Problems I have run into: *Sometimes when I click...
  20. J

    Computer crashes and glitches when gaming (laptop)

    Hi I have been experiencing problems with my laptop whenever I play League of Legends, it tends to crash and create a buzzing sound that would hang up the computer. I could only turn off the computer and restart it again. No BSOD, it's quite strange as I play with other games and it rarely...