1. R

    Help with choppy GUI boxes!!

    need help! Like seriously.. My pc specs are.. windows 10pro asrock 970m pro3 Motherboard 32gb pc1866(I think) Gskills Ram, AMD FX8370 Blaxk Edition CPU (not overcooked) EVGA 8gb Nvidia GTX1080 GPU 43" Samsung 4k UHD Screen The Issue.. last week my pc did and update I can't remove. I have...
  2. M

    Screen Issues on Mac Pro 2011

    I recently gave my granddaughter my 2011 Mac Pro. I wiped it clean and reinstalled the latest iOS. She has notified me that the screen is glitching off and on when she’s playing Mine Craft, Roblox or watching YouTube. It never did than when i used it so not sure if it has to do with wiping the...
  3. N

    Mobile Device Photo Glitching ( Device and server side )

    So here’s a stressful situation. I’ve been having this issue with both iOS and Android, where sometimes when I upload a photo to an image service or social media (Instagram, Ello, Facebook, etc.) The photo appears to be uploaded completely normally, but after I come back to it, say 10 minutes...
  4. anass

    What is this how can it be fixed?????

    Please help me !!!! (sorry for my bad english) i don't know what is this exactly but most of the textures are missing and as you can see in screenshots. it's not a glitch in a specific game because most of my games are all like this not all just the big games like (Call of Duty),(need for...