glitchy screen

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    Randomly flickering/ glitching screen on linx 12x64

    Hello, Hope you can help - I'm not sure what's wrong, so I hope this is in the right category... I'm having an issue with my Linx 12x64 2-in-1 tablet PC. Randomly during use, the screen will start to flicker/ glitch, frequently but randomly when I move the mouse or scroll on the screen/ click/...
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    PC crashes in games

    Hey there, my PC is crashing and freezing while in games and when it doesn't crashes in-game, it does when I close the game or hit Alt+Tab. The crash comes with visual glitches aswell, such as colored squares or stripes in the screen. I've already tested a lot of ways to fix or test to see...
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    Dell Inspiron 15r 7520 Laptop Issues! Help! Screen Glitches!

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15r 7520. Windows 10 home. Core i7 7th gen. I bought it from a guy on eBay a year ago. The screen will randomly start flickering/glitching with black lines(i can still see the stuff i was doing before its just distorted and moving) it also makes a errr sound that's ear...
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    Crazy selective gliching

    I traded in my old pc for a Eee pc seashell series running on windows 10 from a personal tec guy. This pc wored fine to ages untill it started bugging out with black jutters around my mouse and the end of the search bars. This got worse and worse but would never happen all the time except for...