gmail account

  1. D

    Can't remember Gmail username at all

    I made a Google account under the name "Sarah Long" and made a false review under the business where I was fired from. I don't remember the username info but I remember the password. I didn't add a phone number or email address for recovery at the time. I was contacted by my former boss and told...
  2. D

    If I delete google account will my maps reviews be deleted?

    I am new here i think this is the right community to ask this question I want t0 delete my email account on gmail but I have many google reviews I couldnt find if they will be deleted I am not talking about a business account.
  3. G

    Gmail Help

    Hey, can anyone help me recover a gmail account email? I recently made a new email but only wrote down the password for it. I forgot the email now, and don't know of a way to recover it because I had it opened in Chrome's incognito mode just to create it. I have recently closed this browser...
  4. SupunLakmina

    Recover gmail account password alternative options

    Hello, I forgot my email password of my gmail account. But I still logged in to the same account using windows mail universal app both of my mobile and PC. And also in chrome profiles. And I mistakenly couldn't save the password in google password. And now I couldn't be able to log in to my...