1. J

    Unwanted carriage returns inserted into Gmail text

    A problem has developed with my Gmail recently. I just type simple emails in Gmail, nothing fancy other than setting Gmail to Rich text mode. But whether I open Gmail in Chrome or Firefox, numerous unwanted random carriage returns (vertical spaces) are being inserted into my normal text emails...
  2. P

    merge emails

    Hi, I currently use gmail to run our business email but I hate it, it is not organised enough for me, I prefer outlook as you can put things in folders etc. I pay for the google drive package and like the benefits I get with it so dont really want to cancel that account and create a separate...
  3. Yvette00

    GSuite hosted email on .melbourne domain not recieving

    I'm in the process of changing over domains for a business website - I've now got the (new) website domain pointed to the old hosted website which has been updated with new information etc. I've set up hosted email for .melbourne via GSuite...
  4. LUIS39

    Solved Chrome gmail

    FYI: I downloaded the SysInfo utility and I clicked the SAVE FILE button but it does not appear on the desktop. Here is a previous one: Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 32 bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2...
  5. chaosloader

    Gmail Hacked any solution

    So, one of my friend's gmail account was hacked. Dont know how that hacker did it but that good for nothing chickenwuss has now added the security layer like phone verification as well. What can i do to recover that account. Is there some gmail support number so that I can talk to. I have few...
  6. S

    Gmail lost password

    Lost a password to gmail, don't have access to phone used to complete 2 step verification. I have virtually no proof I own the account. It's old last used in Oct 2015. Has precious photos of people who have passed. Plz help!
  7. G

    Trouble setting up pop3 mail and gmail on windows 10 tablet

    I'm setting up a new windows 10 tablet for my parents for them to hopefully be able to complete some work on. Email is really important for them and they have an xtra email (pop3) which has been used on their desktop for years. I tried setting it up on the mail app already loaded on the tablet...
  8. Islandsurvivor

    Gmail and Youtube don't have a secure connection?

    I'm using my kindle fire and i go to access my gmail account and it says This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response. Also when i go to go watch some youtube it wont let me get on the site it says the same thing. I dont know how to get it to work so...
  9. P

    Deleting one gmail address and keeping another

    Before I start, let me say I did download the SysInfo utility, but couldn't get it to open and give me 'information' so I can't relay anything about that here. I have an 2009 IMac Desktop computer, which is now on El Capitan (unfortunately), and my question is how do I go about deleting one...
  10. SupunLakmina

    Recover gmail account password alternative options

    Hello, I forgot my email password of my gmail account. But I still logged in to the same account using windows mail universal app both of my mobile and PC. And also in chrome profiles. And I mistakenly couldn't save the password in google password. And now I couldn't be able to log in to my...
  11. S

    Solved Is blocking some of my emails?

    Hi all, have changed my email to so I do not keep changing my address when I change servers. Some emails that I am expecting are not arriving. Ebay always send an email after you order and they always come through straight away, placed 2 orders but no emails. Some sites are sending an...
  12. C

    Waaay TMI, but I need backup!

    I went to the gmail sign-in page on my significant other's Kindle Fire, and as I started typing in my info, an unfamiliar email address ([email protected]) was auto-populated for me. I tried to sign in just for the hell of it but the password wasn't saved. "John" said that he had never heard...
  13. A

    Can't access Gmail with Firefox or Opera but can with Edge

    The below is the message I get in the Firefox and Opera . However in both I allow cookies and have Java Runtime on the machine. Edge brings Gmail right up. On my laptop I do not have any problems. Windows has it appears installed the Anniversary update and that perhaps is the source of the...
  14. B

    Making Email Play Nice - Yahoo Email, Mac Mail, Outlook

    Hi Geniuses: I wanted to throw this out to you to see if there was a solution to my "inbox zero woes" TECH SPECS: Yahoo Email address (yes I know) iPhone with Outlook App Mac Computer with Mail APP Extra Gmail account with a "send gmail from account" What I found was that while on the road...
  15. T

    Solved IMAP error adding Gmail to Outlook 2016 - Windows 10

    I am baffled by this one, and hope someone can help. I've installed literally dozens of gmail accounts into Outlook for clients, but this one is giving me fits. Every time I try to enter the account into a new Outlook 2016, the program hangs and then gives me an error message about an IMAP...
  16. B

    Gmail Hacked?

    My Gmail account was temporarily disabled after a "suspicious" login occurred. The login was through a Windows computer, which I don't have, so evidently something was wrong. I changed my password after re-activating th account. However, my email address is no longer displayed at...
  17. P

    gmail taking up too much spaced

    My daughter and I both have iPhone 5c phones. We both also have gmail accounts. My gmail takes up 17.6 MB of space and hers takes 967 MB. She has deleted all email on both the phone and on the web with no change. She also tried uninstalling her mail app and re-installing it as well as...
  18. K

    how to combine data stored in several gmail accounts into on

    I have been using several gmail accounts over the years and I cannot remember if they have stored any data like bookmarks, history , cache on the Google server. Nevertheless now I want to combine everything into one gmail account and delete other account. How to do it and any tips for that...
  19. S

    Need help forwarding Outlook Email to Google Apps Email

    Hello: I am trying to forward an outlook email to be received in my Google Apps Email. I was able to make that happen but now I can't figure out how to respond back in Google Apps with my Outlook. I want to be able to reply back with outlook. Please help. Thank you so much!
  20. L

    Moving my outlook emails to my gmail

    I'm having massive problems trying to move my outlook account to my gmail account. I've gone through all the steps on Gmail, but it just won't do it. Has anyone else had issues regarding this at all? I'm very close to tearing all my hair out! Help would be appreciated :)