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    Opening a 'pages' file on google docs

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone could assist in helping me open a 'pages' file on my google drive. I do not have access to the original file, all I have access to is the uploaded version that exists my google drive account. I have tried downloading the pages file and converting it with 'Cloud...
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    Voice message from infected phone

    If someone sends a WhatsApp voice note from an infected phone (or computer using WhatsApp web), can the voice note harm someone else's device by opening and listening to it?
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    Google Drive glitch

    HELP!!!! Calling anyone with computer knowledge or connections to People with Google Drive knowledge. For about a year we have been using Google Drive at preschool to store and collaborate on children's documentation and give parents access to that documentation, photos etc. ( we don't use...
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    6gb file gone

    Hello. Big problem here, I cloned my hard to an external one and then tried to open Google drive folder on it and it didn't work. Then I put in the external hard and accessed the folder, found my files and then made the huge mistake of cut paste it into the public folder (of my actual hard). So...
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    Android Tablet - Camera direct to Google Drive

    Hello, I've been trying to find a way to have a video feed from my house go directly to my Google Drive. From my research it seems like a phone/tablet camera option would be simpler than a webcam set up. There seems to be ways to do it with a webcam but are overly complex to someone like me. Is...
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    Windows Resources + RichCopy

    Hi Guys I have a customer that's having issues with Google Drive (GD), and in particular duplicated files. So the scenario is that they have GD synced on one computer, and its shared out to three other desktops. The duplication started when one user cut and pasted the items into a folder on a...
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    Screenflow and Google drive

    Using a Mac. I have an mp4 in my Google drive. I want to use Screenflow or Quicktime to edit it. But how do I get to it? When I open Screenflow/Quicktime there is no option to get to my GDrive. The files there are huge so I don't want to drag them back to desktop. Is that my only option? Thanks!
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    Google Drive

    2 google drive folders. The drives are not syncing all folders between the two and between my laptop and the web. Unable to keep files updated across the two drives.