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  1. S

    Play Store Is Inaccessible (Chrome OS)

    I decided to try to download Ubuntu on my chromebook, and it somehow ended in my play store being inaccessible. Here's exactly what happened as I can remember it: - I downloaded Crouton. - I dual-booted Ubuntu using Crouton. - I deleted Crouton. - I removed Ubuntu from my chromebook by doing a...
  2. Stoneberg

    Unable to see icons/images on Google related apps

    Hello everyone, I was not sure which forum to post this in. So I went with All other Software. My issue: For some reason this evening when I got home images and icons stopped displaying on google related apps. I was using my Huawei tablet to answer a message that I had received on hangouts...
  3. S

    "Samsung One UI" for J5?

    The 2016 model of the Samsung J5 (which has physical touch-buttons) recently got the “Samsung One UI Home” update made available in Google Play. This will replace its TouchWiz launcher. 1) Will it slow down the phone (like system updates) since it’s primarily geared for higher end phones? 2)...
  4. P

    Google Play Store just sort of...hangs there.

    I've got a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, and am having some really atrocious trouble with Google Play Store - it just isn't working no matter what i do. It's been acting wonky for a looooong time, and usually i can fix it with some combination of clear cache (play store and play services), clear data...