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    Chromebook sans Cloud Print and with Intel Celeron

    1) As Google Cloud Print will be deprecated in December, will Chromebooks be able to print after that? 2) As Chromebooks support apps from the Google Play Store, do Android printing apps like this and this work on them? 3) What is the performance of a Chromebook with an Intel Celeron N4000? Is...
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    Play Store Is Inaccessible (Chrome OS)

    I decided to try to download Ubuntu on my chromebook, and it somehow ended in my play store being inaccessible. Here's exactly what happened as I can remember it: - I downloaded Crouton. - I dual-booted Ubuntu using Crouton. - I deleted Crouton. - I removed Ubuntu from my chromebook by doing a...
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    Is Mimicr safe?

    is this app safe to use? It seems like a relatively new app. "Mimicr - Mobile Screen Sharing + Voice Chat"
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    "Samsung One UI" for J5?

    The 2016 model of the Samsung J5 (which has physical touch-buttons) recently got the “Samsung One UI Home” update made available in Google Play. This will replace its TouchWiz launcher. 1) Will it slow down the phone (like system updates) since it’s primarily geared for higher end phones? 2)...
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    How do I find my user id for my games i play on my phone?

    I always use my google account to create the game account for games i play on my android phone whenever its an option. I want to link a chat app to a game im playing and to do that i need my user id. Do i use my google play username and if so how do i find out what that is? it goes by in a flash...
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    Samsung Galaxy A3 Cardboard

    Hi,I've never used Google Play store before & despite reading articles online I don't know how to do this specifically.I want to install Google cardboard on my Samsung Galaxy A3 & watch normal YouTube videos that I have downloaded & view those videos on a VR headset at the dentist(the latest...
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    google play services stopped

    Tablet says Google play services missing. Not on apps list. Tried clearing cache and data in google play store. Playstor on tab says googlw play servics there.Google play service appeared once in apps. Google icon missing. Google drive directory shown, but cannot open docs. Get gmail by going by...