google sheets

  1. jtn3833

    Google Sheets - clear cells but keep checkboxes

    Hello all- I'm new to Google Sheets, and need to use it for this spreadsheet I'm working on. In column 'A' I would like checkmark boxes (tick boxes). But the content of rest of the rows I need to clear occasionally. Is there a way so I can select an entire row and 'clear row', but have the...
  2. V

    Adding two different formulas in one cell using Google Sheet

    Hi All, I have tried to merge these two formulas in Google Sheet: =DATE('Resource Matrix'!K1,'Resource Matrix'!F1,1) &" - "& OR(WEEKDAY($G2)=7,WEEKDAY($G2)=1) but seems not working. DATE('Resource Matrix'!K1,'Resource Matrix'!F1,1) is to identify how many days there is in a month...
  3. F

    Solved IF Statement

    Hi there, I can't figure out how to properly write an IF statement for this specific scenario. I have to calculate E.I (Employment Insurance). E.I is 1.27% of your gross income. If my annual gross income is for example $66'000 I'd type in the formula =(C7*1.27)/100 (C7 is the cell with...
  4. C

    Google sheets: reset several checkboxes

    As mentioned in the heading, is it in any way possible to reset several checkboxes all at once?
  5. Zsolt Kükedi

    Create a list from Google Sheets difers if it is horizontal

    Hi! I'd like to get a few cells in a list from a Google Sheets. I have the following data: First list horizontally: 1 in C2, 2 in D2, 3 in E2 Second list vertically: 1 in C5, 2 in C6, 3 in C7 Here is the test sheet: I use the following script: function onEdit(){ var...