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    How To Stop Outgoing Google Voice Calls From Showing In Call Log?

    I have a Galaxy J3 Luna Pro, Model SM-S237VL with Android 6.0.1. I have the Google Voice app installed. When I make an outgoing call with Google Voice, it shows up in my phone's call log as an incoming call from an unknown number. How do i stop that from happening? Thanks.
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    Solved Google Voice number for Facebook two factor authentication

    Can a Google Voice number be used for Facebook two factor authentication's SMS option?
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    Solved Google Voice - Does it work in UK?

    I am UK based and am not sure if Google Voice works here. If yes, how limited is it?
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    Google Voice--issues hearing rings and voicemails

    I've been using Google Voice for years without a problem. I accept my GV calls at my landline using Fusion℠ Voice Services provided by Sonic Telecom via my ISP, DSL Extreme. I'm told Fusion/Sonic uses ATT lines. I don't use GV for any other phones. Suddenly on July 21 of this year I noticed...
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    No sound from Notifications

    I noticed this first on Google Voice. I get the LED flash & Notification at the top Bar. No sound. I checked a few settings, & then Re-installed. That worked for about a day & now it's dead again. I checked a few other apps, & I realized now that it's all apps. I tried Gmail, hangouts...