1. pizzatime

    Low frames on games

    I've been getting quite low frames in my games that I've been playing lately, I get around 50-60 fps on battlefield 1 with low settings. There is something wrong with my computer because the performance in my games is not good at all. PC specs: 16 gb ram nvidia 2060 super core i5 8400 2.8 ghz...
  2. J

    Screen is black

    Hello community. So i decided to upgrade my GPU. I had gtx 550Ti and changed it with GTX 1070. before i removed GPU everything was ok. after i changed power supply and gpu image is completely black. i tried removing cpu,rams,plugged and unplugged all power chords even removed motherboard...
  3. M

    EGPU setup for Dell AIO

    Yo can someone help? I got an xfx rx 460 and mini pci 16x riser to try and update my graphics on a Dell all in one running windows 10 pro. But I think during boot up the system doesn’t recognize the mini pci to usb so it shuts off the port and the screen stays black? Or maybe I need a separate...
  4. Crazysexybear

    Screen resolution changing when in full screen

    Hey So I've have my desktop pc for about a month now and this probleme keeps happening. When I go into fullscreen on a game or a Yputube video, the resolution changes. I have to change it back manually into the nvidia control panel and this is really annoying. For games, I have to play in...
  5. S

    GTX 660 not working?

    I got a GTX 660 from a friend. I installed a new power supply to support it and then installed the GPU. When plugged into the GPU nothing happens on my monitor. It's like nothing is registering. When I plug the monitor into the onboard graphics slot everything is fine. The only idea I have...