gpu driver failure crash pc

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    Black screen before BIOS starts after receiving 'VIDEO SCHED

    One day I got the 'blue screen of death' when I was surfing the interwebs with error 'VIDEO SCHEDULER INTERNAL ERROR'. Windows did all it's repairing stuff, waited like 10 minuets, my PC restarted and from now on, all I receive is a black screen (monitor is on) before the BIOS even boots. The...
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    Solved BSOD - Please Help!

    My computer was doing fine then suddenly as I was playing a game my entire computer shut off and I got a BSOD message. I looked it up and found information that supported updating my gpu drivers so I did. BSOD happened again. From that point I removed the drivers completely and reinstalled, it...
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    Mixing colors and PC shuting down when grapfic drivers are..

    Mixing colors and PC shuting down when graphic drivers are installed this is a continuation of a problem I originally started in a sub-furum win 7, as at this point it looks as chases are higher that it is hardware problem one of members told me to move my topic here. Original topic...
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    Home build gaming PC -screens of death + game crashes

    Sounds like my PC is totally non functioning but it is! I really need your help figuring out the problem. I built it 3 years ago with Radeon HD 7970 GPU - always had problems with intermittent game crashes and browsers closing down when surfing the net etc. Thought it was the GPU, got in...
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    Solved GPU driver failure causes PC to crash

    Hey everyone, These past 2 days I've had the same GPU driver error causing my screen to go black for a few seconds, then light on again. That's not too bad, but sometimes my whole PC just crashes. The screen either goes black or freezes and the sound goes nuts, the best way I can describe it...