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    your graphics hardware does not support all features (csm) n

    this pop up every time i try to load csgo (your graphics hardware does not support all features (csm) needed to run this game). just installd a new graficcard (gtx 1050 ti), i looked on some yt videos for help and they said that i should uninstal my card from the devicemangerer. but that didnt...
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    Hardware needs for graphic design, animations, promotion

    What hardware do you need for a team of 3 multi-media developers which are responsible for graphic design, animations, and promotional material? I need a computer configuration that would meet the functions of the team yet the least expensive Also, I really need to know what are the TOP two MOST...
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    Does Any one know that how to crack Sony Playstation 3 ?

    I Have Sony Playstation 3 and I wanted to know that if I can jailbreak it and I can install the games of ps3 which are available on the torrents ...
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    Solved Monitor no longer supports resolution 1920X1080

    My problem : It all started from when I unplugged my HP w2338h monitor from my main PC (res. 1920x1080, specs listed below) into a raspberry pi 3. After using the monitor for the Raspberry PI 3, I plugged it back into my main PC again, and to my surprise the resolution was on 1024x724. When I...
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    Grafical Bugs followed by Blue screen

    Hi All. I have a Problem and I can't figure out what the problem is. In very unconsistend intervalls I get grafical bugs like flikering screen, artifacts on screen etc. (I can provide videos of the bugs) than the next thing that happens is that the pc freezes then either it gets back to...
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    Laptop for graphic design

    Hi I'm a graphic design student and looking for a new laptop. There are so many out there and I'm not too sure which is the best one to get (not a mac!). I currently have 17.3" Compaq which is old and slow so looking for an upgrade. I need something that won't lag when doing large drawings and...