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  1. M

    Solved How can I solve mouse stutter?

    Hi, I have a laptop(HP pavillion 15-n051sh) with 2 GPUs (HD 8400 / R3 series; HD 8600M series)(amd2.png). My current OS is Windows 10 Home. My problem is that when both of the graphics cards are enabled, i am unable to use my laptop because of the mouse stutter. When I disable one of them the...
  2. ChrisElitz

    How to fix Display driver has stopped and has recovered

    Pls help me, everytime i play or use the pc for about 10-15min already, it would go black screen and then go back, then there will be a error that says, display driver stopped responding and has recovered, and there is also an error amd radeon software has stopped working, i have a i5 4670 and...
  3. CasualCritic

    Dual monitors causing games to crash?

    My main display uses hdmi into my 1660 ti, and i recently got a new display using DVI into the same GPU. I run games on my display while running spotify, browser, or xbox app on my second. Ever since I got the new monitor, I have been experiencing game crashes in every game. Once i unplugged my...
  4. S

    Motherboard Ports Issue

    Hi guys today my pc had a heart attack and after i restarted my pc, my pc doesn't read my monitor and my mouse and keyboard. RGBs are off and i even switched as displayport to HDMI and it didn't work or even i connected a old mouse but RGB of the old mouse got on but i cant see if it work...
  5. G

    My GPU are fans not spinning

    I just downloaded GPU z and came to know that my GPU temp was getting very high ~ 85-90 C moderate usage. I assembled my new PC in Oct 19. I have a core i3 9100f & a GTX 1660 Galax 1 click OC Dual fans and Corsair VS450. Is it a PSU problem or something else? My GPU(Galax GTX 1660+ Corsair VS450...
  6. T

    Graphics card fans running but no display

    I am currently building my sister a PC for christmas and ran into a road-block. I put in all the parts for the PC and went to test it but there is no display on the monitor. I tried pulling out the card and putting the hdmi into the motherboard slot and that didn't work. I also tried switching...
  7. L

    Display driver issues & USB peripherals reset

    I hope someone can help me with this, I'm a digital artist working from home and this is really affecting my job! My display driver and USB ports are both badly acting up. I'm not sure exactly when this all started--the display issue has been happening for a while but everything started getting...
  8. B

    No signal

    I just built my first pc, and when I power it up everything turns on, but the graphics card can only spins for a few seconds then stops. My graphics card is a Asus Dual GeForce rtx 2070 and motherboard ASUS prime z390-p. Also when it’s plugged into the monitor I have no signal no matter what...
  9. R

    Overheating GPU

    I'm currently experiencing overheating on my gaming rig primarily my GPU, everything else runs fine but its hitting heats of up to 82c during gaming when it never used to. I've tried cleaning the heatsink, applying thermal paste and rolling back my drivers but to no avail. It feels like this...
  10. GamerBlackAcid

    Solved The Graphic card isn't getting power

    I upgraded my pc by keeping a new case. I plugged the GPU in (it is an AMD RADEON R7 240 2GD3 by MSI) to the motherboard (BIOSTAR TSERIES TA880GB+ WITH PCIe 2.0) and a power supply (400w iBall psu). I fired it up for the first time and it didn't give the display but it did POST. it started...
  11. A

    Solved Stuttering windows, browser etc.

    Hi guys, yesterday i installed my new RX 560 4gb. I downloaded drivers from the official website through automatic recognition of hardware, it installed drivers. Everything went fine. Later it showed message : radeon wattman settings have been restored due to an unexpected system failure. no...
  12. C

    PC cant run 2 monitors after installing new ssd card

    I was looking to upgrade my storage so i added a new 1tb ssd to the existing 1tb hdd and 250mb ssd. I also gave the insides a clear out with a can of compressed air. After connecting it up and putting the case back, i noticed that when i plugged in my 2 monitors, only the primary monitor was...
  13. L

    Nvidia screen resolution probleme

    Hello there So I've had my pc for about a month now and since the beggining if I go full screen on a video (on YT or other sites; on google, edge ect...) or play a game in full screen (all the game that I have all have the same issue) the screen resolution will change. If I uninstall the Nvdia...
  14. O

    GPU not detected but fan spinning and light is on

    so im unable to use my gpu as my pc wont detect that its plugged in even though the fans are spinning and the light is on- on the gpu im currently having to use the onboard motherboard graphics to use my pc using the motherboard hdmi slot also only started having this problem tonight, before...
  15. J

    Asrock Z390 Extreme PCI2 slot not working

    Put together my new pc this week and found that my RTX 2070 GPU doesn't work on the PCIE2 slot. When I plug in the hdmi cable there is no display on my monitor. When I connect the hdmi directly to the motherboard and boot it the pc doesn't detect that the graphics card. The when the card is...
  16. R

    Graphics card debacle

    Hello, I am not sure what the problem is exactly. I took out my graphics card (safely and properly) and put it another computer (Computer B) with the same And was seeing if computer B can handle more RAM, once I did that Computer B's fan was running like crazy but nothing came up on the screen...
  17. Crazysexybear

    My GPU Wont Stop Changing My Resolution

    heyo So I about a week ago I built my gaming pc and it was working fine when I had the hdmi cable plugged into the motherboard but when I put it in the gpu and open a game or watch a video in fullscreen the resolution changes making the screen weird. I have to manualy change it in the NVIDIA...
  18. B

    Problem switching graphics cards on old alienware

    hello, I have an old Alienware Aurora r4 and I'm trying to change my Gtx 690 4GB graphics card for a Gtx 1070 Ti 8GB. However, when my new card arrived and I changed it, my computer would stop from booting, as soon as I urn it on the all I can see is the Alienware logo with the press F2 boot...
  19. Charlesnewell10

    Compatibility ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 O8G Dual-fan OC Edition

    Would the ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 O8G Dual-fan OC Edition be usable with the ASUS PRIME B250-A motherboard?
  20. T

    Solved Boot Issues With New Monitor