graphic driver

  1. M

    Solved No display on monitor after factory reset on driver update

    I just got my Cyberpowerpc today with an asrock challenger 5700xt + 3600 on an asus x570 prime mobo. My friend and I updated windows and downloaded the chipset, lan, and audio drivers and everything was working fine. When I was installing the latest Radeon drivers, I used the factory reset...
  2. Donut3

    Monitor Problems

    I have a Dell CRT monitor and a Geforce GT 610 graphics card. I am using a Windows 7 operating system. The monitor is behaving strangely and I am not sure whether I need to change the graphics card altogether, clean the dust out of the PC tower, or replace the monitor. After I boot the PC, I...
  3. M

    Driver Issue After Win10 x32 Install

    Basically, I've got an HP Pavilion x360 (expired warranty) and yesterday, it completely quit on me. After hours and hours of reading forums and talking to various people, my only solution was to reinstall Windows 10 (32bit) using a USB. At first, it worked! Everything went great. But, I've...
  4. uodeebou

    can navigating a certain website cause a graphic driver erro

    specifications: HP 8000 elite Compaq PC, Win 8.1 (64 bit), 8G ram , NVIDIA Geforce 210 1 G . problem: I had a graphic driver not responding then a graphic driver recovered message, but I noticed that everything running smooth till I try to navigate my website (which contains animated layouts...