graphic tablet

  1. oksteve

    Graphics tablet and neodymium magnets

    I have a compact area to work on. At the moment my keyboard is sitting on top of my Huion h610 pro graphics tablet . Ideally it would be great to attached it to the underside of the desk using neodymium magnets. The tablet is quite light so I don't need to use strong magnets. However I am...
  2. D

    Solved huion h58l graphic tablet problem with duel monitors

    hi. i'm having a problem with huion, H58L pen tablet and dual monitors. the pen works only on my second monitor and not my main one, I've try changing this in the setting "configure- configure your pen and touch displays" under the control panel, the program tells me to use the tablet and pen...
  3. oksteve

    Tevion Graphic Tablet

    Okay I made a mistake and bought an old tevion graphics tablet without realising that it might not work with Win 10. I had high ambitions to get a driver and make use of this large tablet for photoshop,oh if it were only that simple :( I know its a shot in the dark but does anyone here know...
  4. F

    Wacom intous 3 (ptz 431w)

    Hi I do have a wacom intous 3 (ptz 431w) i dowloaded updated driver and pc recognized the button settings in the wacom. I bought the unit without pen. My question is do i have to buy a intous pen or just a simple stylus will do sorry for the ignorance guys.hope someone might help...