1. G

    Apex Legends, the graphics are weird

    The graphics for my game are weird, some of the textures are black, I’ve tried updating my driver and resetting apex and my pc. What do I do!!!
  2. G

    GPU Not Available HELP

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help. I have a GTX 950 in my PC and i started playing games today and was getting very low FPS. I had a look at device manager and it was in my hidden devices. A few forums I read prompted to uninstall and reinstall my Graphics Card. So I uninstalled. Now I don't...
  3. R

    Rare graphical issue (Not sure if hardware or software)

    Hello, My computer has been a < removed curses> for the last 8 months. For unknown reasons, my computer would not properly run/display anything that is graphics related after a short period of time after start up IF i do not open up something immediately. After that period of time expires (from...
  4. J

    Zero utilization of graphic card

    my AMD radeon R5 m430 Graphic card shows zero utilization when tracked from the task manager. Neither my task manager shows any any driver version infromation of my graphic card.Please help me with this issue.
  5. M

    Driver Issue After Win10 x32 Install

    Basically, I've got an HP Pavilion x360 (expired warranty) and yesterday, it completely quit on me. After hours and hours of reading forums and talking to various people, my only solution was to reinstall Windows 10 (32bit) using a USB. At first, it worked! Everything went great. But, I've...
  6. J

    Need help with new graphics driver

    My computer has had problems with audio and video stuttering/freezing. This happens all the time, but it happens more frequently when I'm watching a video or playing a game. I have a brand new intel laptop. I know intel isn't the top of the line when it comes to computer equipment, but this...
  7. anass

    What is this how can it be fixed?????

    Please help me !!!! (sorry for my bad english) i don't know what is this exactly but most of the textures are missing and as you can see in screenshots. it's not a glitch in a specific game because most of my games are all like this not all just the big games like (Call of Duty),(need for...