graphical issues

  1. UsernamesDontExist

    Colour Issues When in Fullscreen - Windows 10

    How do I fix games getting a blue tint or bright colours when in full screen on my Windows 10 desktop? My video card driver is "AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Graphics" and my monitor is connected to my computer with a DVI/HDMI adapter. This MIGHT have happened after a storm turned off my screen by...
  2. D

    Solved Monitor no longer supports resolution 1920X1080

    My problem : It all started from when I unplugged my HP w2338h monitor from my main PC (res. 1920x1080, specs listed below) into a raspberry pi 3. After using the monitor for the Raspberry PI 3, I plugged it back into my main PC again, and to my surprise the resolution was on 1024x724. When I...
  3. O

    PC Graphics Suddenly Low

    Hi, my PC have gone from being able to run games like skyrim and fallout 4 on ultra high resolution without any problems, but all of a sudden runs wery poorly and i am recommended to set my resulution to low when i do a scan/search for resolution. Any help i appreciated. Tech Support Guy System...
  4. S

    Assistance Isolating Hardware Issue

    I've done a ton of troubleshooting the past couple days so I will try to make sure to have everything down. After moving my computer to another room it would not turn on. It would flash a light once and start to spin the fan for a half a second. I replaced the PSU (upgrading it from 700 to 750)...