1. N

    Opinion for graphic designer laptop

    Hi guys! I'm a graphic designer, i use a lot the adobe suite. I'm loking for a new pc, i always had a mac but i want to change to a laptop. I'm loking for a cool designed laptop (i dont want a super ugly and massive gaming laptop) and if possible i would like to have a 2in1 option so i can draw...
  2. puter hater

    I have a graphic (.ai file) that needs editing

    Many years ago some one was so kind and made our mounted posse badge into a graphic so it could be used for items like shirts,ez ups, etc etc . It's been so long I do not remember who did the original for me. I was wondering is there anyone on here that would be willing to alter the graphic...
  3. Antwish

    What computers are the best for creating websites and apps?

    I need to know what computers are the best for creating and maintaining websites and apps, for graphic design for creating logos and any software that is best for this as well please please. Another way to put my request is; If you are starting a company that creates websites and apps which...
  4. P

    Laptop for graphic design

    Hi I'm a graphic design student and looking for a new laptop. There are so many out there and I'm not too sure which is the best one to get (not a mac!). I currently have 17.3" Compaq which is old and slow so looking for an upgrade. I need something that won't lag when doing large drawings and...