graphics card problems

  1. V

    PC crashes in games

    Hey there, my PC is crashing and freezing while in games and when it doesn't crashes in-game, it does when I close the game or hit Alt+Tab. The crash comes with visual glitches aswell, such as colored squares or stripes in the screen. I've already tested a lot of ways to fix or test to see...
  2. C

    No signal to monitor!

    So I turned my PC on and there's no signal to the monitor. Checked the channel, fine Swapped hdmi cables, still nothing Tried a different monitor, nothing again So I open up Spartacus mk.II and have a gander, Both lights are present and white on the graphics card (asus r9380x strix) and the fans...
  3. T

    Graphics card shuts off during boot

    This isn't a brand new build. This problem has been happening for a while now, but when I try and boot up my computer everything starts to run normally then the graphics card will stop running. Nothing else stops working, just the graphics card. I have fixed it before by just unplugging and...
  4. O

    GPU not detected but fan spinning and light is on

    so im unable to use my gpu as my pc wont detect that its plugged in even though the fans are spinning and the light is on- on the gpu im currently having to use the onboard motherboard graphics to use my pc using the motherboard hdmi slot also only started having this problem tonight, before...
  5. N

    Solved How to increase the storage of intel uhd graphics 620?

    As it isn't an dedicated graphics and runs only on ram storage(8GB) the total dedicated video memory is just 128mb. Though i haven't any problems faced with it till now, i want to know how to increase the capacity of graphics card. And is possibe in dell inspiron 7373 to install a seperate...
  6. D

    Installing NVIDIA Quadro K620 on Dell Optiplex 980 SFF

    As the title says, I wish to install the NVIDIA Quadro K620 onto my Optiplex 980 SFF. Every time I try to uninstall the current ATI Radeon HD 3450 graphics card that came with the computer, it reinstalls itself. When I place the K620 in and uninstall the 3450 then it works, but then I try to...
  7. K

    Is my graphics card done?

    Hello everyone, i got Amd Radeon hd7750 and every time i try to install drivers for it, my pc won't boot anymore. I get black screen and i have to restart it in safe mode and uninstall drivers...I guess its done if i cant install drivers anymore.
  8. L

    Color problem! Red shows pink

    Hello, So I recently bought a new PC. Had it professional assembled as well without problems. The color red will not display an actual "red" but more of a pinkish color. I first thought it was my monitor. I hooked up my laptop via HDMI and the color was perfect. Red was in fact red. I...
  9. G

    Computer detects non-existent graphics card

    My computer I built with a GT 1030 is detecting and using a Radeon 3000. In device manager and msi afterburner, it says im using a Radeon 3000 and nowhere does it say anything about my GT 1030. I have an FX 4300 cpu, and msi 760GMA-p34(fx). Please help
  10. K

    games crash

    recently i got a rx 460 but my games randomly started to crash to desctop and i started getting 'drivers stopped responding and has succesfully recovered' i have deleted my drivers several times , changed the delay time to 8 seconds my specs: gpu rx 460 2gb cpu amd a8 6600k quad core psu 500w...
  11. mogunz100

    What can i do to combat crappy graphics card.

    I have a lenovo idea pad 310 its got ssd, an i7 processor 12 gigs of ram(ddr4) and worst of all an intel 520 graphics card. I didnt know how bad it was until i tried it out of course. I will let you know now that it is an integrated graphics card like many. I really like this laptops. It is alot...
  12. D

    Radeon rx480 not showing display on monitor.

    Hi. I recently bought the Radeon rx 480 video card for my computer but when I plugged everything in, it refused to show a display on the monitor when everything was plugged in accordingly. Strange thing is, my buddy and I swapped our 480 and 1080 and the 1080 worked just fine in my computer. It...
  13. toyicefarmer

    My graphics card is too big. What are my options?

    Could I move and rotate the way the graphics input-er is? Could I remove the fan on the card Get a biggest case Or a smaller card.
  14. K

    Added 2nd Graphics Card, monitors are black when PC turns on

    Hello, I added a 2nd graphics card in order to drive 4 monitors and when I power on PC, nothing appears on the monitors. If i remove the card, PC powers up normally. Suggestions? PC SETUP Lenovo H50-50 (90B700ENUS) Processor: Intel Core i3-4170 3.7 GHz Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400 Power...
  15. G

    Need Help Urgently.. Its my GPU

    The other day I got a used from Ebay GPU MSI Radeon 270x 4gb twinFozr IV. And every time I start up a game as soon as any substantial load gets put on it, it crashes. (I cant even get past the game menu) I have tried every thing I can think of please help. SPECS CPU: AMD Phantom 6x ii 1100 BE...
  16. C

    Solved Weird Monitor Connection + Graphics Card Problem.

    Hi Guys, So I've had my PC for about 3 years now and had absolutely no problems with it. It has always been connected to the same BENQ montior via a HDMI cable and has been able to play every game proficiently. But all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago, my computer began acting strange...
  17. S

    What PSU and graphics card should I get for my upgrade?

    I have a Dell XPS 8700, and I'm currently looking to upgrade the graphics card and power supply. I've been having issues with games freezing and I want a better graphics card anyway because the 750 Ti just isn't doing it for me. I know I want to get a GeForce GTX 1060, but I am unsure of which...
  18. T

    Solved Graphics Card acting weird

    Recently i tried cleaning the dust out of my graphics card, when i started the computer, the GPU temperature was fluctuating alot, also noticed the voltage was rising and dropping with the temps( going from .875 V to 1.238 V for no reason ). So i took the computer apart and checked cable's etc...
  19. M

    Help with AMD graphics drivers not installed!

    My laptop has an AMD Radeon sticker on it and shows it as a display adapter. It currently says AMD Radeon HD 8600/8700M in the device manager. (This is after attempting to update it from 8750 that it originally had.) I've downloaded AMD Auto detect and sat through a lengthy download and install...
  20. ChromScale

    Issue with Graphics Card Drivers

    In the device manager, my laptop does not recognize the intel graphics card or the AMD graphics card. Instead, there is only a "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter". My computer is not detecting either card and behaves as if they do not exist, so I cannot do things like play video games. Any help...