graphics issues

  1. LDAG

    Amd ryzen3 2200g vega 8 graphics issue

    so ive recently built a system using amd ryzen 3 2200g , it claims to have 2gb integrated graphics , but my system is showing only 512 mb of graphics , gaming performance is also very trash , other people are getting 250+ fps in minecraft using this same APU but here im getting only 7 - 10 fps ...
  2. JHk1821

    Windows 10 black screen after boot and graphic problem

    Hello , i was playing in pc while installing some updates for windows 10 and then suddenly my pc crashed and the screen went a weird colour , then i need it to reset it from the button , and i done it... but when i open it again , there was 2 problems , 1) the screen was weird with some graphic...