group policy

  1. B

    Solved Missing Attachment manager

    Hi! Id Like to see if anyone can solve my problem about missing Attachment manager from Group policy and Registry editor.
  2. A

    Can't sign in with a Microsoft account

    Hello, I'm running windows 10 on an older office computer. I recently had some issues with missing OS files when a graphics card went (Took half the OS with it). So I have erased my Pc, and re-downloaded windows with a new graphics card. All has been fine for a few months till now. I restarted...
  3. B

    Cannot update computers connected to Windows 2008 R2 server

    I have 6+ years experience with Windows and Mac computers, but haven't had much experience with Server until my new job position. I'm now the sole Admin for a smallish company running a few very old Windows 2008 R2 server (we should be updating the whole shebang soon). I have almost no...
  4. S

    Solved Juggling Network Printers via Group Policy

    Hello! I'm creating a new AD structure and weeding out a lot of legacy group policy stuff since we've moved to the Windows 10 platform. The organisation I work for has a main HQ with 15 remote sites all connected over MPLS back to our corporate network where our servers are situated. My new...
  5. R

    Windows 10 Pro Updates low on disk space and Group Policy.

    Windows 10 Pro Updates low on disk space and Group Policy. I have two users one admin and one local. I have added a usb drive to use for updates to resolve the low disk space and it worked. However I have added a setting in Group Policy - All Removable Storage classes: Deny all access -this...
  6. Harrows

    windows defender is turned off by group policy

    i have been getting this message every time i try to turn on windows defender in settings im not planning on installing a 3rd party antivirus so any help would be deeply appreciated, ps i have tried registry edit and uit has not worked
  7. sue4635

    Solved System Restore Corrupts the Group Policy

    Please refer to my previous thread "Corrupt Administrator Account" because I think it's related. I was prompted to install an update to iTunes and it failed when I ran it. Next tried to restore from a couple of restore points and it failed, saying that a file was open, probably from my...
  8. K


    How to enable group policy-o on linux/samba?
  9. C

    how to prevent access to \\\c$ or \\localhost\c$

    For security purposes, we want to prevent our users from accessing the C drive on their computers and on the terminal servers. These users are *not* local admins on either their workstations or the servers. We have implemented the following Group Policy settings: - Remove Run Menu from Start...
  10. kikil

    Local Admin Password not working on a few computers

    I am having this issue from a long time. Once I change Local Admin Password through Group Policy, the new password doesn't not work on a few machines. let's say i have 10 machines, the password works on 6 machines, and on other 4 machines, it doesn't. These 4 machines can be random machines. I...