grub rescue

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    Can't boot into Windows anymore (at least, with GRUB)

    Hello, and thank you for reading this. I have a Dell Latitude E5470 running Windows 10 Pro with a 256 GB M.2 SSD. I recently was trying to install a Linux operating system (Deepin) onto a 1TB HDD that I acquired. I shrunk the Windows partition (it still had plenty of space), and made a...
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    Can't Boot Windows After Removing & Reallocating Linux Part.

    Hi, I was extremely interested in the idea of a Linux OS, and after debating it for a while decided to instal Linux on my laptop alongside Windows 10. I had it set up so that Linux would boot first, and if I wanted to use Windows I could simply select it from the boot manager. I'm currently...
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    Lost partition with windows on it

    I recently had a dual boot on my computer on Linux Mint and Windows 10. After I decided to get rid of Linux Mint I deleted it's partition and drunk it back into the original C drive. After restarting my computer a grub rescue came up and said that no partition existed under that name. I owe you...