1. M

    Can't boot into Windows anymore (at least, with GRUB)

    Hello, and thank you for reading this. I have a Dell Latitude E5470 running Windows 10 Pro with a 256 GB M.2 SSD. I recently was trying to install a Linux operating system (Deepin) onto a 1TB HDD that I acquired. I shrunk the Windows partition (it still had plenty of space), and made a...
  2. S

    Pc boots to Grub4dos

    Pc will only boot to grub or i can only get into bios but i can't load windows 7, any help?
  3. D

    Unable to boot to win 10

    I tried to install android x86 in laptop ...I already had win 10 and tried to use dual os . I tried to install android x86 from my pendrive . It prompted to install grubloader and I installed it . Now i got stuck with the grub loader . Now I can't even load windows 10 nor android os ... It is...
  4. L

    Can't boot into Android-x86 7.1 anymore

    I had Android-x86 7.1 (Nougat) installed for a while and it worked, but I decided to reinstall it into the ext3 filesystem. I also decided to install it on my hard disk, rather than my USB stick as I did before. Now, I can get to GRUB and select the Android option, but then it will just send me...
  5. L

    I accidentally deleted the GRUB folder. No live CD possible.

    I used Unetbootin to install Android x86 without a CD or USB, and it told me I should install GRUB, so I did. But then I deleted the folder with Android in it and accidentally the GRUB one too before powering the computer off. Now, whenever I boot it up, it just takes me to a screen that says...
  6. LostMyWalrus

    Solved Cant get into Bios to change boot order (ThinkPad T450)

    So, my friend has just received a laptop that isn't exactly functional at the moment. It only has Ubuntu on it, which is in guest mode, and there is no known password for elevated privileges (that we actually have). So I made her a bootable USB with Windows on it to install. The problem is that...
  7. M

    How to install Windows if Stuck on MBR and Grub

    One day my computer's windows got stuck on the login screen and didn't login and opened to an temporary account so I installed Kali Linux by formating my C: drive (but still Windows 7 came but I was unable to log into it)and used it for some days and to remove my Kali Linux I used Kali Linux...
  8. V

    Difficulty while trying to setup a new Windows on a dual boo

    I have a dual boot notebook (using GRUB): Windows 10.0 & Linux ubuntu 14.04 which has been installed after that. I want to purge Windows 10.0 and perform a completely clean Windows 7.0 installation including some minor changes to Windows partitions. Actually, I took the free offer from Microsoft...
  9. S

    Solved cloned windows 7 shown in grub but the original one starts

    @Admin: windows 7 might not be the direct cause here, however I think windows 7 experts can give valuable opinion on my problem. Feel free to move it if you have a more suitable place. Long story short: I have a SSD with 2 linux and windows 7, with grub2 as MBR. I bought a new SSD and wanted...
  10. D

    Boot Windows 10 from Grub2 after deleting Linux partition

    I deleted my Linux partition on Windows last week, and now I can't boot Windows because of Grub. When I try: insmod NTFS, it says that secureboot didn't allow it. Please help me.
  11. S

    Windows bootloader reset

    Hey, I hope that this post is in the right place. I was duel booting Lubuntu and Windows 10 using GRUB quite happily until the Lubuntu partition got corrupted. Not to big an issue, I went into Windows and deleted/merged the partition. I then used a USB live Lubuntu (16.10) disk to try to...
  12. S

    Installing GRUB Bootloader on a Windos 10 computer

    I have recently bought a laptop and then I have installed Windows 10 in it. This was a fresh install and the computer had no other software in it when installing windows. Now I want to load Ubuntu in it, so as to make it a dual boot machine. What are the steps to install GRUB (GRand Unified...
  13. cich

    Solved Trying to repair Windows 8 EFI

    I chose the Linux forum because I am on OpenSuse right now, and I am trying to fix my issue from Linux. I think something happened to my Windows 8 EFI because Grub doesn't see the system and does not let me get into it. Something may have gotten corrupted. I tried adding the option to Grub to...