1. Lu Zhun

    PC is lagging like crazy when minimizing a game

    Hello. I am not sure what it could be.. the CPU is only running at 13% and RAM is not even being half used.. The graphics card handles the game really well and everything is super responsive while in the game.. If I happen to minimize the game to do something else, the mouse pointer itself...
  2. Lu Zhun

    Timings on RAM keep going back to default?

    Hello all. I just installed a new set of GSkill RAM sticks and it is being recognized in the BIOS but the CAS latency is at 9-9-9-24 instead of 8-9-9-24. I tried changing the first 9 to an 8 and saving within the BIOS but upon checking it again after the computer restarted, it set itself back at...