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    GTA San Andreas

    How can I unlock the whole city of san andreas and skip all the intermediate missions?
  2. H

    Game Stucks

    I have an edited GTA San Andreas game.My Video Graphics memory is 256mb,and requirement for this game is 128mb.My game sometimes stucks but no always.Please help to run yhis game smooth.The primary link for that game is ''''.In this...
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    GTA Game Downloading problem

    I have problem downloading GTA game. Can you people say From where can i download the Latest GTA San andreas game? Please help me
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    Problems with Microsoft .NET framework and DirectX

    Hi! So I've been playing GTA V without any troubles earlier but this week the game started to act weird and crash every once in awhile. I checked the crash log and what causes the crash seems to be "clr.dll" which is a part of the .NET Framework. I paste the aforementioned crash log here...
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    How to crack gta 5

    i have downloaded 61 gb gta 5 but'm unable to crack it,.I have tried 3dm and reloaded cracks.Any help would be deeply appreciated.