gtx 1050

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    GTX 1050 not recognized by laptop, all drivers up to date

    Hello! I have an XPS 15 9560 laptop. It comes with a GTX 1050. Recently, my laptop has refused to recognize the GTX. I consistently get "error code 43" in Device Manager. I have tied restarting, redownloading NVIDIA software, and using the Pro version of Easy Driver to make sure all my drivers...
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    Monitor not using dedicated GPU

    Hi, I've recently changed monitor from an old Samsung Syncmaster to a 21.5 inch AOC 75hz because the previous one was too big and had a weird aspect ratio. I'm using a HP Pavilion cb060sa with a i5-7300HQ and a gtx 1050. In my control panel for display, with the previous monitor I somehow had...
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    Ausu strix 1050

    I bought a strix gtx 1050 for a upgrade but when in my computer it doesn't want to work it loads to the menu were u can open up the bios but even the bios wont open The fans spin for a second and the rpg lights white then does a breathing red when the fans stop spinning I have 500 psu I5 -...