gtx 760

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    Blue screen and lag when shouldn't be and audio issues.

    Ok so I have been having some problems for a while and I think it's past the point to where I have knowledge of it because I have tried all the basic stuff . First of all the audio issue - here's a video it's hard to explain - this is weird, audio sounds crunchy and slow motion and when it...
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    GTX 760 SLI w/ Corsair AX850

    So I ordered a second 4gb gtx 760 to SLI, I pop open the case and there's no room to plug in the 12 pin plug, that routes into the 6 and 8 pin slots in the GPU itself, in the back of the 850. From what I can see, there are only 2 12 pin plug spots for the 850, one of which is taken up by my...